Where is the best place to manufacture

Towel heaven Großschönau or: The place where all threads come together

The busy chattering of 30 jacquard weaving machines, the scrutinizing looks of the employees, fine yarns and the fusion of innovation and sustainability - that determines the rhythm of the production facility in Großschönau, Saxony, the eagerly beating heart of möve. We would like to give you a glimpse behind the scenes and show you what goes into the production of a möve towel.

The entire manufacturing process, from warp manufacture and weaving to finishing, takes place in our own production facility. In doing so, möve can build on the many years of expertise of the textile specialists from Großschönau. But sustainability and environmental protection have always been a top priority at möve. For this reason, möve is promoting its production site in the Zittauer Gebirge / Oberlausitz nature park with extensive investments, thus ensuring that flora and fauna in the area are preserved for future generations.

The stuff the towels are made of

With a lot of experience, tradition and many years of know-how, the production of the high-quality möve terry goods takes place in Großschönau. All products in the various collections are made from the finest yarns and thus ensure an excellent feel-good experience. For those who like it particularly fluffy and soft, the velvety premium cotton of the newly launched collection "möve SUPERWUSCHEL" is particularly recommended due to its high and dense loops. The fabric of the "BATH & BEAUTY by möve" collection with vitamin E is a mixture of 70 percent cotton, 25 percent viscose and 5 percent lyocell. The combination of yarn fibers with vitamin E and nourishing oils transforms your own bathroom into a true spa temple. For the more sporty types, the light and quick-drying combination of natural cotton and linen (80 percent / 20 percent), as in the "möve EDEN" and "möve SPA" collections, is ideal. The smooth companions get a particularly robust feel from a special blend of yarns - cotton and hemp, which are used in the “möve VIENNA MESH” collection (80 percent / 20 percent). In Großschönau, experiments are made again and again with extremely light or heavy yarns or different material mixes: e.g. silk and modal or viscose and linen - of course always mixed with a major proportion of cotton. The latter composition takes place in the stylish "möve BROOKLYN" collection.

Who is this jacquard and why does he like terry so much?

If you have always wondered how exactly the patterned scarves are manufactured or woven at möve, we will now make you smarter: The high-quality goods are produced with the help of jacquard weaving and then further processed. With the jacquard machines named after their French inventor Joseph Marie Jacquard, each individual warp thread can be raised and lowered as desired with the help of punch cards, needles, sinkers and harness cords. This means that patterns can be woven in almost any shape and size. The difference to other looms, which are used to produce similar fabrics, is that there warp threads can only be dug in groups. 30 jacquard looms in Großschönau ensure that we can enjoy high-quality terry products such as towels, bath mats and bathrobes after every shower experience. And if you are at this point pondering what the difference between terry and terry toweling, the following should be said: Terrycloth is a fabric, the yarn of which is twisted into loops or loops on one side. Terrycloth however, consists of a fabric (consisting of warp / weft / warp) that has loops on both sides of the fabric. These loops or loops are created during weaving, which is why a special loom is required for this. All right?

Quality made in Germany

The name möve stands for the best quality and sophisticated design Made in Germany. Möve has been producing high-quality terry products in Germany since 1927. The modern production facilities and the know-how of the employees guarantee the high quality of the products. Only the best and selected materials are used in the production of the terry towels at the Großschönau production site. In addition to the quality of the yarns, particular emphasis is placed on innovative materials. In recent years, fibers such as linen, hemp, bamboo - but also high-tech materials - have found their way into the collections.

Ultimately, extensive and strict quality control ensures that only items in top quality leave the house. Of course möve is certified according to DIN EN ISO and has the Oeko-Tex 100 certificate.