Makes tennis power


In tennis, strength and speed endurance as well as coordination skills such as balance, feeling for the ball, orientation and reaction are particularly important.

Advantages and disadvantages

Fun factor:

Diverse game sport with exciting rallies.

Fat loss:

No continuous aerobic exercise, lots of breaks.

Cardiovascular system:

Little customization.

Back friendliness / protection of the joints:

Avoid twisting the spine, for example when serving.

Training tip:

Playing in the ash pit is easy on the joints!


No endurance sport.


Above all, balance, feeling for the ball, orientation and reaction are trained.


Mainly stressed muscles: leg muscles, impact arm.


Knee and spine problems. No sport with acute illnesses!


Shoes, rackets, balls. The "A" and "O" is the right tennis shoe. It should definitely be equipped with a strongly resilient sole. Orthopedic insoles, which absorb the compressive forces, also prevent overloading of the ligaments and tendons, especially on hard courts.

Injury Risk:

Injuries to the ankle from twisting ankle, tennis elbow from excessive strain.

How do I train properly?

Tennis can lead to overload if only the ball is hit. This sport should therefore never be practiced in isolation, but always paired with a general fitness program (for example jogging or cycling as well as stretching).

The interaction of good technique with this appropriate fitness training is very important. The one-sided strain on the beating arm can be balanced out with a strengthening program. In the game, the athlete should take care to avoid twisting the spine when serving. In addition, clay courts should be preferred to hard and grass courts, as they are easier on the joints.

Mini training session (90 minutes of tennis)

Warm up

A total of 15 minutes through easy running-in and warm-up (also soccer tennis for two or four people) at low intensity. Stretching exercises (legs, shoulder girdle, arms) round off this phase.


A total of one hour after a short break-in period. Then the entire technical repertoire can be used with high intensity.


Cool down for a total of 15 minutes, slowly run down and stretch the stressed muscles (legs, shoulder girdle, arms).