How professionals design a tattoo project

Razor-sharp: 4 tattoo design tips from Giulio Rossi

The connection between a successful logo design and an incorruptible tattoo is not too obvious - but from a design perspective, the degree of relationship is closer than expected.

We recently had the opportunity to Giulio Rossi to speak, an illustrator and designer who lives and works in L’Aquila, Italy. His expertise as a graphic designer gives him an extraordinary understanding of the essential elements of a memorable tattoo. If you are still dreaming of the perfect tattoo design, you shouldn't miss the following tips!

Designer Giulio Rossi

Tip 1: take the time to find your vision

Finding an image that represents you takes time and research. Inspiration can be found everywhere: in the spiritual, mythological area, tribal art, music, science fiction and fantasy, to name just a few fields.

The artist should be selected with just as much care, emphasizes Giulio. It is important to find a professional in his field who understands your vision. “You shouldn't rush anything,” he says.

Both are essential: the right artist and the right design. Giulio says: "You will have a tattoo for the rest of your life, so you also want it to be perfect and not regret anything about it."

Giulio’s winning design in the tattoo design competition forJustin Vernon’s (Bon Iver)?

Tip 2: Use the advantages of the digital

Technology now allows the creation of highly detailed images and tattoo art is no exception. According to Giulio, software like Photoshop not only allows more details, but also optimizes the process.

In order to change an element, the entire picture no longer has to be reprinted. “It's easier to improve digitally,” he says. And when time equals money, that's a big advantage.

Giulio’s work is popular among 99designs employees. Tattoo design by '99 Floyd here.

Tip 3: design for human skin

When creating a tattoo, Giulio always has in mind how it will look on the skin. He advises clients to work very closely with the tattoo artist to determine details such as color depth and shadows so that they look good on the skin.

“It's important to visualize actionable results,” says Giulio. He always argues against elements that do not work well on the skin. Seems like the old adage is true: "if it's bold, it'll hold" (If it is strong enough, then it will last).

99er Monica will meet you soon Giulio Rossi original be able to show.

Tip 4: collect inspiration

We all know how important inspiration is in the design process, so we wanted to find out what inspires Giulio himself. He tells us that he favors several tattoo artists and that he “has a lot of respect and admiration for their talent.” One of these artists is Volko Merschky from the Buena Vista Tattoo Club in Würzburg.

We also asked Giulio about the favorite tattoo of his own career. He says, "For my international reach and visibility, I have to say this is what I did for the Justin Vernon competition at 99designs." However, his heart belongs to his very first one that he did for a friend - "as me was even younger and unknown! "

From artists you admire to designs that mesmerize you, your designer will be grateful for any kind of inspiration and will put you a tattoo that you will be happy with forever.

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