How did you become a shaman

You are a shaman too (+ CD)

"Everyone has shamanic powers - you just have to awaken them in yourself!" Secrets of the ancient shamanic traditions. Many practical exercises and guided awareness journeys on a CD complement the topic and can be used as a source of inner peace, healing and happiness. About the author: Kurt J. Fenkart is one of the most prominent representatives of modern, lively shamanism. His research trips led him, inter alia. to Peru. Ladakh, Nepal and Balli, where he gained fascinating experiences with the shamanic traditions. Together with his wife, he founded the International Academy for Shamanism in Ried in der Riedmark in 2005. Opinion: The author tells of his personal path to shamanism in a very human and believable way. In a clear, well-structured and easy-to-understand way, it conveys the basics for those who are first interested and provides further information to those who are already experienced and who are practicing. I really liked the structure of the book and how the author approaches his readers. It seems as if he takes each individual on a very personal journey and includes them. The practical exercises and the enclosed CD have also been an enrichment, even after reading the book I still use the CD. The book receives a straight reading recommendation from me. Conclusion: the author leads the reader on a fascinating "journey" in a human and believable way