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Birthstones of the zodiac sign Virgo |

Birthstones for the Virgin

The Birthstones promote and support the character Strengthen of the sign.

The birthstones are assigned to the three decades of Virgo:

August 23 to September 2: Chrysoberyl; alternatively: Jade yellow (weaker, but cheaper)

September 3 to September 12: Brazilianite (Main stone of the zodiac sign Virgo); alternatively: Lizardite (Norwegian jade) (slightly weaker, but cheaper)

September 13th to September 22nd: serpentine

Gemstones Virgo Assignments

The strengths of the Virgo are best stimulated by healing stones that give the Kalpa Taru Chakra and the Element earth through her yellow-green color correspond.

1st decade

August 23 to September 2

2nd decade

September 3 to September 12

3rd decade

September 13th to September 22nd

The Chrysoberyl is the birthstone of the first decade virgins. He stimulates them to take stock inside and out and strengthens their honesty towards themselves.As a stone of the middle decade, the Brazilianite is also the main stone of all virgin-borns. He can strengthen the balance of the sign by teaching it to distinguish important from unimportant.Also the serpentine is an important stone for the third decade virgins. He frees them from external influences. and strengthens their confidence in themselves.
Yellow jade is a somewhat weaker but significantly cheaper alternative to chrysoberyl. It has a very harmonizing effect on the Virgo in taking stock of the situation by having an activating effect when there is too much passivity and brooding and calming when there is too much actionism.The lizardite (Norwegian jade) also promotes the process of purification and thus the inner and outer harmony of the zodiac sign as a somewhat weaker but cheaper alternative to brazilianite.

The main birthstones of the Virgin

The main birthstones of Virgo are Chrysoberyl, Jade yellow,Brazilianite, Lizardite and serpentine.

Birthstones of the Virgin

Each date of birth can be assigned its own healing stone, which promotes and supports its wearer in his strengths. These birthstones can be determined from the resulting constellation based on birthday, time of birth and place of birth. Usually, however, the determination after the decade of birth is completely sufficient. Each sign of the zodiac is divided into three decades, each lasting around ten days. In each decade, the typical characteristics of the zodiac sign are differently pronounced and accentuated. We have developed a system that depends on this characteristic and on the one corresponding to the zodiac sign Chakra and its Resonance color the appropriate decade stones are selected.

Compensation stones for virgins in imbalance

The decade stones determined by our system should be worn by Virgo if her strengths are in balance and she is in balance. If she gets into an imbalance due to the dominance of one of her strengths or other factors, this might even be increased by wearing a decade stone. In this case, a compensation stone for the Virgin should be resorted to.

Harmonious green for the Virgo

The gemstones for the Virgo shine brightly green. Green is the color of the Kalpa taru chakrasthat corresponds to the virgin on the chakra level and green is the color of the element of the virgin earth. The stones of the Virgin appear fresh and delicate, but still with a certain depth. In this way, they address their major issues visually: reflection and internalization, structure, order and balance.

More about the equivalents of the Virgo (chakra, element etc.) and their typical properties can be read in the article Gemstones of Virgo.

Birthstones of the Decades of the Virgin

1st decade: Virgo and Chrysoberyl

23.8. until 2.9.

Decade ruler: Mercury

The virgin of the first decade is in a time of reflection and Internalization. She likes to withdraw into herself. In doing so, it adapts effortlessly to changing circumstances. The high point of summer has passed and the first decade virgin will be born at a time when one is concerned with the planning already have to deal with the cold season. The harvest needs to be organized and divided. It's time for one inventory. This ancient knowledge is carried over to a spiritual level in the Virgo. In order to be able to implement it, she has a strong distinctive character, analyzes developments effortlessly and draws conclusions from it. If necessary, she corrects mistakes without hesitation. she is well considered and manage their powers.

The chrysoberyl for internal inventory

The Chrysoberyl is a very important healing stone for the zodiac sign Virgo. He is the perfect stone for an inner and an outer inventorybecause he strengthens sincerity towards himself as well. He gives to the virgin confidence and Strengthening in the structuring of their life. It is the stone of the first decade of the Virgin, which for the Internalization and focus on the essentials stands. Virgo needs this inner gathering in order to feel secure. The chrysoberyl ensures that the virgin reflects on her most important values ​​and goals and plans can forge what the security-loving zodiac sign particularly likes. Because this prevents chaos and the Virgo becomes more resistant to unpleasant surprises. The chrysoberyl also supports the virgin with necessary corrections.

Further details on the application and effects of chrysoberyl can be found in the gemstone dictionary in the article Chrysoberyl.

Yellow jade as an alternative

The yellow jade is a good alternative to the relatively expensive chrysoberyl. It has a weaker, but still strong and, above all, similar effect on the sign. The yellow jade supports the virgin in making plans in such a way that she lets them implement them in concrete terms and, if necessary, tears them out of their passivity. At the same time, the yellow jade has a balancing effect on the Virgo, in that it does not let her brood excessively and strengthens her mental agility and frees her from fears and anxieties.

More information about this healing stone of the virgin can be found in our encyclopedia article Jade.

2nd decade: Virgo and Brazilianite

3.9. until 12.9.

Decade rulers: Venus

In the second decade of the Virgo there are spiritual, emotional and physical cleaning in the foreground. The yearning for purity and clarity of the Virgin of the second decade is linked to the sorting out of unnecessary ballast and the ability to distinguish between good and bad, useful and useless. The virgins born in this decade keep asking themselves what is really important and necessary for their material survival and spiritual development. Free yourself from unnecessary ballast, you will feel flexible and adaptable again and thus ready for the demands of life.

Moreover, for the Virgo of the second decade, mental and physical health is not just about a feeling of internal harmony connected, but also with harmony and balance to the outside. Give and take are in balance. The virgin does not give more than she has and only takes what she really needs.

The Brazilian - recognizing one's own life intentions

The right gemstone for the second decade and thus also the main stone for all virgin borns is the Brazilianite. The Brazilian helps the Virgo to realize his own life intentions. It helps with the inner one liberation of everything superfluous, which is necessary for this sign of the zodiac to become an inner one Balance to get. Through the bright green gem, the one cleansing effect possesses, the Virgo can learn to distinguish important from unimportant, as the healing stone frees the body and mind of superfluous and thus clears things up. The Brazilian can also have a positive effect on the often compulsive clinging to plans of the Virgo. The virgin needs the order that comes after purification very much, because only through it she gets security and can come to inner peace.

The lizardite as an alternative

The Brazilian is unfortunately difficult to find and usually relatively expensive. A somewhat weaker, but cheaper alternative is lizardite. The lizardite, also known as Norwegian jade, has a very similar effect on the maiden of the second decade as the brazilianite. It has a strong effect on the inner harmony of the Virgo by strengthening her self-knowledge and thus promoting the process of purification. This harmony obtained in this way allows the Lizardite to radiate the Virgin to the outside world.

3rd decade: Virgo and serpentine

13.9. until 22.9.

Decade ruler: Mercury

As the ruler of this decade, Mercury represents the analytical mind that Virgo values ​​so much. The virgin of the third decade shows herself particularly clear and sober. Your thinking is determined by practical considerations. Your feelings take a back seat. Only with a thorough one analysis In all circumstances, the Virgo feels secure enough in this phase to carry out actions. Due to her keen power of observation and the fact that she includes all the observed details in her plans, the Virgo, who was born in the third decade, is able to improve and increase what is already there correct. It is important to her to understand facts and to understand them checkto get results. Your approach is always logical and methodical, structured and effectively. In doing so, she can combine her spiritual aspirations with material necessities.

The serpentine frees you from external influences

The serpentine is a stone that needs to be improved Insight helps. With this he hits the subject of the testing and reflective virgin of the third decade. The virgin would like to implement well-considered actions, the serpentine encourages them in this by promoting processes of letting go and a new beginning. He stimulates the necessary optimism in Virgo. In addition, it strengthens the inner balance, the inner harmony of the Virgo and lets her track down, understand and improve her own mistakes.

In her analyzes it can happen to Virgo that she lets herself be guided too much by outside influences. The serpentine strengthens yours here Self-reliance. He is a strong protective stone, the inner peace stimulates and shows Virgo how, despite all perfectionism, she can achieve her goals with her (physical) possibilities Unison brings.


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annotation: We followed Barbara Newerla in particular when assigning the leveling stones. We developed the assignment of the decade stones / birth stones independently based on our own experience.

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