Do you think the world is flat?

Xavier Naidoo regularly comes out as a supporter of various conspiracy theories. He also does not believe in space and gossips about Elon Musk's rocket.

  • Xavier Naidoo posts numerous conspiracy theories on Telegram.
  • In one post he claims that there is no space and that the earth is not a globe
  • Who are the flat traders and what do they believe in?
  • Xavier Naidoo watches the SpaceX rocket launch and makes fun of it.

Update from June 1st: While on Saturday evening (May 30th) tens of thousands of people around the world will start the SpaceX rocket from Cape Canaveral marvel, Xavier Naidoo also seems to be sitting in front of the screen. At least he posts a YouTube link on Telegram that broadcasts the event live. The Mannheimer writes "Let's go.....“With a crazy looking smiley face. Since the singer doesn't believe in space, the whole thing is probably just fake for him.

Shortly afterwards he posts two pictures showing the engine of the spaceship and the earth behind it. The photos are now from Conspiracy theorists and Flat traders used because the curvature of the planet looks a bit strange. Proof of the flat earth, of course! Naidoo promptly also writes "Which globe should it be ...

A day later, the 48-year-old also shares a video on the “Knowledge is truth” page, according to which it was allegedly one mouse supposed to have hitchhiked the rocket. But this is more likely to be Liquid oxygenthat has formed and fallen off. For Xavier Naidoo, however, it seems to be a rodent, because he only writes "Mice in space ...

SurnameXavier Kurt Naidoo
BornOctober 2, 1971 in Mannheim
size1.76 meters
Well-known albumsOut of this world, there and away
parentsEugene Naidoo, Rausammy Naidoo

Xavier Naidoo compares coronavirus to aliens

Update from May 30th: For Xavier Naidoo, space is just as existent as the coronavirus. He leaves no doubt about that in a new post on Telegram. First, the singer posts a not really serious article with the title "Washington Post: UFOs exist and everyone should get used to this fact“, Then he makes fun of it with several emojis.

Shortly afterwards, the man from Mannheim wrote "Without space, there is no alien theater. Anyone who puts on a face mask also believes in aliens. ”This post seems Xavier Naidoo so valuable or funny that he redirects it to his own page an hour later. He has already explained in a video that the 48-year-old does not consider the Covid 19 pandemic to be real. In it he even accuses the government of wanting to kill “the old people” with the virus. In his own Telegram group there are also mail that cause laughter on the Internet because of their involuntary comedy.

Xavier Naidoo doesn't believe in the globe

First report: Around the globe there are numerous people for whom the planet earth is flat. What sounds like a claim from antiquity or the dark ages is still a reality for many today. The Flat trader or members of the "Flat Earth Society"Believe in a worldwide conspiracy to keep this" truth "under wraps. A prominent supporter of this conspiracy theory is arguably Xavier Naidoo. At least he's posting several posts in the last few days Telegram to this topic. It wouldn't be the first myth the Mannheimer believes in.

Xavier Naidoo: The earth is flat - that's what the Bible says

Ten years ago I said: The German Reich needs a peace treaty. Now I say: the earth is not a globe. The truth never goes over so well“, Writes Xavier Naidoo on Telegram. In addition, the devout singer emphasizes that you can only believe in a globe if you are on wrong end of the bible have read. In addition to anti-Semitism, citizen content, the Deep State and the Corona lie, the 48-year-old is now spreading the next conspiracy theory to his fans and followers. In a fact check, we explain what is behind it.

From Xavier's Telegram. If you think they've got all the conspiracy theories through, there's flat earth kommt

- Inside Corona Rebellen (@IRebellen) May 23, 2020

Of course, the man from Mannheim has already found a culprit for the lie about the flat earth - that Jesuit! Not for the first time, Naidoo accuses the Catholic order of being responsible for a lot of suffering in the world. So it says in a post of the group "Xavier (Der VereiNi * er) Naidoo"Even:"The Jews are not the evil of mankind. It is the Jesuits.“ 

Xavier Naidoo uses German Reich propaganda

The order has had to grapple with such hostility since the 17th century because it was at the center of numerous conspiracy myths. in the German Empire the Jesuits were even from Chancellor Otto von Bismarck forbidden. With this, Xavier Naidoo is likely to secure his stand even further than Reich Citizen and supporters of the self-proclaimed King of Germany

Naidoo probably also counts the television physicist and science journalist among today's Jesuits Harald Lesch. Because in his post the singer also writes "Lesch for Fantasy". Immediately afterwards he posts three hearts in the colors of the flag of the German Empire.

Xavier Naidoo: Aliens are demons

Aliens are not extraterrestrial - they are of subterranean origin. There is no space. They are demons and the fallen. Don't let the next bear tie you up“, Writes Xavier Naidoo also on Telegram. That is also part of the belief of the flat traders. The earth is therefore the only existing planet that was created by God. The sun and moon are also not far away and huge, but very close and small.

Recordings from space are called fakes by the followers of the myth and astronauts are only actors. This begs the question of whether Xavier Naidoo will also Moon landing thinks it is a fake that was only recorded in a TV studio.

Xavier Naidoo: Formation of the Flat Earth

In ancient times people still believed that the earth was flat - for example in the norse mythology or in Old Testament of the Bible. But already in the Middle Ages the model of the globe became the predominant doctrine. The Brit saw thatSamuel Rowbotham but different and founded the Zetetic Society, which later became the "Flat Earth Society". In 1849 the Londoner also published a pamphlet about his opinion that the earth was flat. In it he described, among other things, that the sun is smaller than claimed and less than 4,000 miles from London - modern science, however, assumes more of 150 million kilometers.

After the First World War, the number of flat merchants rapidly dwindled and for a while the conspiracy theory was considered to be extinct. But with the invention of the Internet, the myth reappeared and spread. How many followers the flat earth has is unclear. A 2018 survey of 8,000 Americans showed, however, that around a sixth of the population is not completely convinced of the globe!

Xavier Naidoo distances himself from the anti-racism song "Adriano" in an interview. He also continues to spread his conspiracy theories and doubts right-wing dangers in Germany.

Oliver Pocher also talks about Xavier Naidoo in an interview with RTL. The comedian would like to take a trip around the world with him. Does he mean that, or is it a swipe?

Xavier Naidoo discovered a video of himself on YouTube and shared it on Telegram. It's a 10-hour loop in which he cries over a conspiracy myth. The musician suggests using the clip as an instrument of torture.

Oliver Pocher and Amira Pocher appear at the Carstival in Mannheim. The stage is about possible partners for a quarrel, conspiracy myths and a night with Xavier Naidoo.


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