What is the history of drones

Early developments

Reconnaissance drones

In the 1960s, the Americans were supposed to use drones as reconnaissance drones. For this purpose, the "Ryan Model 147A (Fire Fly)" drone was researched and further developed. The second version of the Fire Fly was used by the Americans to spy on Cuba, Vietnam, China and North Korea.

Sources The first competition took place in 2004. It has been planned by DARPA since 2002 and is called the "DARPA Grand Challenge". The unmanned vehicle is supposed to cover a distance of 150 miles through the Mojawe Desert. The first prize money was one million US dollars, but no vehicle made it to the finish line.
Then in 2005 the first vehicles mastered the route.

The ELROB is a competition in which three different types of scenarios are carried out with unmanned robots. These are "Reconnaissance", "Surveillance" and "Target Acquisition". The ELROB is divided into the military and the civilian sector.

  • military area:
  • Development of unmanned robots in the military sector since 2006 every two years
  • civil area:
  • Development of unmanned robots in security areas, fire brigades, civil protection and disaster control since 2007 every two years.

The RoboCup is mainly about researching artificial intelligence and robotics. The self-set goal is to beat the human soccer world champions by 2050 at the latest with developed robots.

These competitions give a significant boost to research.