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Save tasty, over-produced food

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We dream of a world without food waste and work every day to make this a reality. Our app is the direct way for you to be part of this movement - so just download it and start saving all the delicious food that went unsold in stores near you. You always get a surprise bag at a discounted price and do something good for the environment with it. Get started now!


Millions of people are already saving food with us in Germany


Caf├ęs, restaurants, supermarkets, bakeries and hotels are already on board


Millions of servings have already been saved and the number is growing!

Really change something

A movement against food waste

In order to really be able to counteract food waste, we are committed to saving food in the following areas: in educational institutions, in households, in public affairs and together with companies.

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The simplest solution for catering establishments

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We love to get started with new partners in the fight against food waste! We help you recoup your costs and reduce your ecological footprint - that's 100% good for you and for the environment.

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