Why is my phone not playing videos

WhatsApp does not play videos: this is how you solve the problem


If the video playback does not work on WhatsApp, this can have various causes. With our problem solution you should be able to play the videos again.

In addition to text messages, WhatsApp also likes to share videos and photos. Without video playback, WhatsApp is only half as practical, even if it can fill up a smartphone's memory card quickly.

WhatsApp does not play a video, there can be various reasons. Sometimes the messenger app is responsible for this or it is the smartphone itself. In rare cases it is simply a bug in the WhatsApp network.

Problem solving for videos not playing on WhatsApp

With our help you should be able to fix the problem with not working WhatsApp videos quickly. It is best to go through the following steps in sequence.

Check internet connection and WhatsApp status

First checks whether WhatsApp no ‚Äč‚Äčlonger plays older videos or only newly received ones. In the second case, you may have only received the preview image, but not the video itself.

If your smartphone does not have a sufficiently fast internet connection or if your data volume has been used up, the video reception may not work even if you are still receiving text messages. To be on the safe side, check our malfunction indicator to see whether WhatsApp is currently not working properly.

Check memory and clean up if necessary

If the reception of videos does not work, your smartphone memory may be full. A quick cleanup will quickly clarify this.

Try an external player

If WhatsApp does not play older videos that you have already received and not deleted, you should try an external video player. In addition to the standard video player, the mobile version of the VLC Media Player is a good choice for this.

If the external video player can play your WhatsApp videos, the problem is with WhatsApp itself. Then you should try the next two possible solutions. If the video playback does not work in general, the problem is not related to WhatsApp.

Clear WhatsApp app cache

Problems with the own app cache can lead to errors with WhatsApp. Resetting them can be done quickly. We'll tell you how to do this in a separate guide.

Reinstall WhatsApp and restore backup

By reinstalling WhatsApp you completely reset the messenger and automatically get the latest version. This, too, often solves problems with video playback. First create a WhatsApp backup as described in our instructions and then restore it after the installation.

Try WhatsApp beta

In rare cases, video playback that does not work can also be due to an unknown bug. If you are already using the latest version, you may be able to fix the problem by installing the latest beta version.

Reset and / or update Android

If you don't seem to love the problem of not playing videos on WhatsApp itself, you can reset your Android device to the factory settings if necessary. You can back up your data with Android Studio and then restore it.

Switch to WhatsApp web

Using the web version of WhatsApp is more of a makeshift solution. With this you can at least play your WhatsApp videos on the PC, even if this does not work in the smartphone app.

In our WhatsApp problem solver you will find further help for other common problems with the popular messenger.

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