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The Labrador is one of the most popular dog breeds. He got his nickname "Retriever" in 19th century England when his retrieving skills were recognized. You can find out everything about this noble British breed on this page. [Read article]

Labrador Retrievers are very hardworking, smart, and active dogs. Due to their high level of intelligence and patience, they are very docile, which is why they are often used as rescue, guide or therapy dogs. The Labrador can be suitable as a guard dog. Often, however, his friendly nature stands in the way. He is very people-oriented and can easily live in a family with children. The Labrador does not mind the cold, but you should not hold the Labrador in areas that are too hot. The sturdy dog ​​does not need a lot of care, but would still like to sleep in the house because he is looking for a very familiar dog and closeness to people. The Labrador is also an extremely active dog and needs a lot of exercise, which he also likes to get when playing with other dogs. Due to his urge to move, he is hardly suitable for a small apartment. A garden and surrounding forest or meadow areas are the ideal environment for the Labrador. In summer, a trip to the lake is a welcome cooling off for the water-crazy dog.

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Details about the Labrador Retriever
Size (height at withers)54-57 cm
Weight25-34 kg
Ageup to 14 years
Coat colorsyellow, cream, yellow-brown, black
Country of originGreat Britain
FCI number122
FCI group8: Retriever dogs - rummage dogs - water dogs
FCI section1: Retriever dogs
tasksService dog, hunting dog, service dog; the hunting instinct is strong; however, this can be trained to pure retrieval through his docility and the original breeding intension
Suitable foractive dog owners, families too; When under-challenged, Labrador Retrievers can begin to keep themselves occupied by taking apart the apartment or taking the exercise they need
Typical diseasesJoint problems (e.g. elbow or hip dysplasia), eye diseases (e.g. progressive retinal atrophy, lens opacity, retinal dysplasia), muscle diseases (e.g. Labrador myopathy, exercise induced collapse)

History of the Labrador Retriever

Where the Labrador originally came from has not yet been fully clarified. However, it is very likely that the Labrador Retriever came from the island of Newfoundland in northern Canada. When hearing the name "Newfoundland" many dog ​​lovers think of the huge, fluffy Newfoundland dogs. And in fact, the Labrador presumably descends from precisely these. Although he is much more delicate and the coat is not nearly as long, you can still see certain similarities between the two breeds in the body proportions and the broad head.

In northeastern Canada, the more delicate version of the Newfoundland was used to help fishermen with their work. Back then, these little Newfoundlands were called St. John's Dog, and they are probably the forefathers of today's Labrador. Due to his being too water-crazy, his tasks consisted of fetching nets out of the water or fetching fish and birds. The St. John's Dog was also used as a helper in the hunt. Through his soft mouth he was able to bring the fallen game to the hunter unharmed.

After some Labradors were transferred to the UK, they were particularly popular with the nobles. The British began to breed the Labradors according to their wishes and so the water-loving fisherman became an obedient hunting dog.

The name Labrador Retriever was first used in 1870. Whereby “retrieve” comes from English and means to retrieve. The second part of the name, Labrador, is derived from the island of the same name in Canada. The Labrador Retriever has been recognized as an independent dog breed since 1903.

Today the Labrador is a popular family member. But not only children love the active dog: Due to its friendly and intelligent nature, it is also often used as a guide, therapy and rescue dog. The colors black, chocolate brown and yellow occur, whereby the yellow color can be between almost white and almost gold.

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Interesting and worth knowing

Labrador Retriever in film and television

The popular family dog ​​is also well represented in the media world. In addition to numerous film roles, many celebrities have found a loyal companion in the friendly Labrador, for example Footballer Mats Hummels, actress Gwyneth Paltrow and Kevin Spacy. The friendly Labrador also found support among politicians. Bill Clinton had two Labrador Retrievers by his side during his tenure: Buddy and Seamus. Vladimir Putin Labrador Konni is loyal to him to this day and also Prince William owns a black Labrador named Widgeon.
In the film world, the Labrador is particularly popular because of the role of Marley in Marley and me noticed. The family comedy revolves around the couple Jenny (Jennifer Aniston) and John (Owen Wilson) who get the Labrador Retriever puppy Marley together. The film deals with the entire stage of life in which the couple is accompanied by the chaotic Marley. Since the film depicts an entire dog's life, Marley was embodied by a total of 22 dogs. The book of the same name served as a template for the film.
A dog saves Christmas is a comedy for the whole family: The Bannisters' neighborhood has been broken into several times. Against the wishes of his wife, the father of the family, George, brings the former police dog Zeus out of the shelter. But the Labrador male turns out to be an affectionate cuddle friend and not the hoped-for watchdog. Nevertheless, the Bannisters let the Labrador guard the house over the holidays. Fortunately: Zeus saves Christmas when he thwarted the plan of the two intruders. There are now five sequels of the family comedy.
Also in the successful series Lost does a Labrador play a role. After a plane crash, some passengers save themselves on a desert island, among them the Labrador male Vincent and his owner Walt. Together they try to get off the island. Vincent was played by the Labrador bitch Madison, who was considered the most popular work colleague on the set.
Rowdy had a less vivid role in the series Scrubs. The stuffed Labrador "lived" with the main characters J.D. and Turk in their shared flat and were treated like real pets by the two of them.
The Labrador is also not unknown in the comic book world. Brian Griffin, the talking dog from the series Family guy, is a white labrador.

List of breeders Labrador Retriever:

Over time, our profiles will be expanded to include a separate list of breeders. Until then, you can look for a breeder near you on the websites of the German Retriever Club e.V. (DRC), the Labrador Club Germany e.V. or the Association for the German Dog Industry (VDH):


Literature tips

You can find beautiful examples of advice on everything to do with the Labrador Retriever in the following literature tips:


Advice on keeping Labrador Retrievers

Even if it would make living together much easier: Not every dog ​​reads its breed description! This means that there are both water-shy Labrador Retrievers and lazy Australian Shepherds. And so not every Labrador Retriever is always good-natured and docile.
When living together with your dog, it always depends on the individual living being. Breed profiles can only give a possible indication of the future character of your four-legged friend. What is decisive for the character is also the puppy time and in particular the important socialization phase and what happens to your dog there.

You will find very general information that you should observe and consider before you bring a dog into your house in this guide:


Dog training

Despite the fact that a Labrador Retriever is usually a very good-natured and docile dog, they too need a certain education and exercise for a happy and contented life. Just so that the good-natured Labbi does not turn into an unbalanced dog who regularly dismantles your interior.

You will find lots of tips and tricks on our dog training pages. A list of trainers who train on the basis of positive reinforcement can be found in the train-instead-dominate network.


Yes, the Labrador is one of the most good-natured dog breeds in the world. But it too can be frightened, run off and cause an accident! Since the costs for this can quickly become very high, you should at least get a good dog owner liability insurance (which is also mandatory in many federal states!). Of course, nobody can tell you in advance whether and how far you also need health insurance. You can of course put some money back every month just in case.


Is the Labrador Retriever a List Dog?

No. Even if the rascal lists in Germany often offer content worth discussing, no one will consider a Labrador Retriever dangerous or suspect that it is dangerous. As a rule, a Labbi greets a burglar and encourages him to play rather than barking or attacking him. Still, it's not a small dog. And while there is no threat to public safety from attacks from a Labrador Retriever, it should be borne in mind that it could bite hard.

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