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The 25 leading facility service companies in Germany

The 25 leading facility service companies (FS) in Germany grew faster in 2019 than they did since 2016. Due to numerous company acquisitions and sales, the past financial year was also characterized by numerous special effects. On average, the 25 companies on the Lünendonk list increased their sales by 5.9% in 2020 - an increase of 1.8 percentage points compared to the previous year. The development of the industry in 2019 was significantly influenced by the structural shortage of personnel in the market, the increasing importance of environmental protection in real estate operations and digitization. Due to the influence of Covid-19, the participants in the market analysis were unable to present any reliable forecasts for the current financial year.

lekom zu ISS in the middle of the year the company remains on the previous year's position with a turnover of 767.0 million euros.

ce Germany based on consolidated sales published by the company in May. These include sales from abroad, the company kindergarten operated by the company, the Dussmann department store in Berlin and the subsidiary Kursana (senior citizens' homes. Based on the information published in comparison to previous years, Lünendonk estimates the ranking-relevant sales at 569 million euros. This puts the company in 11th place on the list.

m of the top 25 and is ranked 16th on the list with annual sales of EUR 256.6 million (previous year: EUR 224 million; 17th place. Geiger FM from Dietmannsried im Allgäu took over four companies in 2019 and reduced the gap zu Götz from 58 million euros in 2018 to an estimated 43 million euros. Last year, the former Lattemann & Geiger service group began the daughter's many independent brand appearances

sten company rose from EUR 12.8 billion to EUR 13.5 billion. This corresponds to a market share of around 24% (+0.5 percentage points compared to the previous year). At least 200 million euros are due to the integration of companies not previously included in the list.

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