What are the dash cams good for

What is a dashcam and what is it for?

Capture what is happening in front of you on video as you drive.

A dashcam, from the English dashboard camera, is a video recorder that films what is happening on the road from the driver's perspective. Dashcams come either as an autonomous device or as an app for smartphone and tablet. The app alternative is usually much cheaper to have.

Sygic dashcam

The dashcam function is part of Sygic GPS Navigation. Drivers can use the navigation map and record the road at the same time. The dashcam is a premium feature.

With default settings the camera takes 5 minute video and stores it on the smartphone's temporary memory. After the time has elapsed, the old material is replaced with the new one. This way, the dashcam does not take up much space on the device. Just imagine if it were saved for 2 or 3 hours. The recording would probably stop in the middle because the cell phone no longer has any free space.

A working example: You start your route and the dashcam at the same time, drive through Bielefeld for an hour and decide to save the video. After you have pressed the "Save" button, save at least the last 5 minutes of the route. So the minutes 55-60. This loop is only saved permanently when you command the app to save manually. Even in the event of an accident, the video is automatically made permanently available. This works because the software senses a sudden change in speed or deceleration (G-forces that are too high). This is because these indicators point to a collision.

The function allows you to use the video material in the event of an accident as evidence to describe the course of the accident. Be it for other drivers, insurance or the police.

In the video you can see the dashcam in action:

Technical details

The Sygic Dashcam stores not only the video footage, but also the time, the GPS coordinates and the current speed of the vehicle you're driving. The Sygic GPS Navigation app will also record while the car is still, e.g. parked or has stopped at a red light.

The image quality is the same as the quality of videos recorded by your phone - the greater the resolution, the better videos. Modern smartphones have no issues in recording a high-quality sequence and therefore suffice for this purpose sufficiently.

Please note that running the Dashcam will drain the battery faster.

Technical details

To ensure full admissibility as evidence, the Sygic Dashcam not only saves the 5-minute recording, but also all other relevant information. Date, time, GPS coordinates and current speed are saved in the metadata of the video.

The video quality is just as good (or poor) as if you took a picture yourself. Modern smartphones easily cope with this task.

However, using the dashcam will drain the battery faster.

Why use a dash cam?

Of course, professional drivers and people who travel frequently are more likely to benefit from the dashcam. You have the best chance of being involved in an accident. But that doesn't mean that occasional drivers don't need this feature. An accident can happen to anyone and in such a case the dashcam would be on the spot as an "eyewitness".

You don't even have to be involved in the accident yourself. It is not uncommon for dashcam users to record an accident between two other vehicles and then help with the investigation. You help to make traffic overall safer by really removing those who have behaved incorrectly from the traffic.

Attach the dashcam

The most important thing for the smooth operation of the dashcam is that the camera can take good pictures. To do this, you should attach the smartphone with a holder. The perspective should be from the driver's perspective and as wide as possible. You want to be able to see the entire street in the picture. It would be best to set up the device in such a way that it can even partially accommodate the pages.

Dashcams and Russia

You have probably seen one or the other fun video from Russia that was recorded with a dashcam. How come everyone has a dashcam there? The reason is actually pretty obvious. Insurance fraud has become a major problem in Russia.
Pedestrians try to throw themselves in front of vehicles to demand money from the insurance company. The dashcam helps in precisely such cases.