What are the Daen famous for?

First time in Denmark?

What can you expect in our neighboring country Denmark? Relaxation and action, romance and adventure, sea and forests, culture and city life, great shopping opportunities and freshly prepared delicacies. The Scandinavian kingdom is full of contrasts: Although it is so small and different attractions are close together, you will experience the feeling of invigorating space and freedom - no matter what time of year. Thanks also go to the helpful residents. They know how to warmly welcome small and large guests as well as their pets and make Denmark one of the safest countries in the world.

1. Time in Denmark is wellness for the soul

Denmark is ideal for a break from hectic everyday life. There you will find the long-awaited deceleration and places of relaxation. Homely furnished holiday homes are cozy retreats, campsites allow you to be close to nature, endless beaches and green landscapes invite you to go for a walk and the fresh air does the rest. Whether you enjoy life with a few rays of sun on your face or relax with a book in front of the fireplace, whether you treat yourself to a massage or sauna or spend time with your loved ones - in Denmark you can recharge your batteries and just do something Does you good and makes you happy.

2. Diverse nature, picturesque landscapes and lots of sea

The small Scandinavian kingdom is home to an incredibly diverse flora and fauna and impresses with its picturesque landscapes. In Denmark you will find green forests, floodplains and raised bogs, heather, marshland and island landscapes. In sea-washed Denmark, water is omnipresent: Nowhere in the country are you more than 55 kilometers from the coast. The North and Baltic Seas invite you to swim, sail, surf and dive. The Wadden Sea on the west coast of Denmark is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is home to thousands of plant and animal species, including geese, seals and porpoises. In addition, there are more than 1,000 fish-rich lakes and countless fjords in the small kingdom; The eleven national routes or 26 panorama routes also invite you to explore. You can observe over 300 species of birds in Denmark, numerous species of butterflies and dragonflies feel at home there. Deer, raccoons and badgers are at home in the forests. The crawling, swimming and flying inhabitants of Denmark's coasts include various species of swallow, sea urchins, crabs and seals. With a bit of luck, you might even see a few bottlenose dolphins on a boat tour.

3. The varied cultural and leisure program for young and old

In the vicinity of every holiday home you will find countless opportunities to fill your vacation days with a variety of leisure wonders: Have fun in bathing areas, theme parks, aquariums, (petting) zoos, safari parks and adventure playgrounds with activities, hands-on programs and / or rides. Discover palaces, castles, dolmens, (round) churches, excavation sites, lighthouses, art galleries, child-friendly, interactive museums, live events, concerts and festivals all over the country. How about, for example, a whale safari in Middelfart, a day of sharing in Nyköbing's medieval center, a detour to Legoland in Billund or a visit to the Hans Christian Andersen Museum on the so-called "fairy tale island" of Funen?

4. Denmark is a paradise for athletes, action fans and anglers

Friends of sport, action and adrenaline will also get their money's worth in Denmark. There are plenty of opportunities to really work out or to get your circulation going in a relaxed way - indoors and outdoors with (kite or wind) surfing, paddling or canoeing, horse riding, golf or mini golf, tennis or yoga, on bike tours , Hiking and even on the ski slopes. If you don't have the right accessories with you, that's no problem: In most Danish places you can attend courses, rent or buy accessories or even rent horses for a beach ride at low prices. Many amateur and professional anglers are also perfectly happy in Denmark: After all, you will find seas, fjords, rivers, put & take lakes rich in fish. In the land of fishermen and seafarers, there are suitable accessories, inexpensive fishing licenses and, if necessary, like-minded Petri disciples for relaxed conversations and the evening preparation of the catch.

5. You will immediately feel at home with the warm Danes

We especially like the Danes themselves, of course. But they also make it easy for you! In the Scandinavian kingdom everyone is by you. This creates a feeling of familiarity directly. You are guaranteed to be offered immediately if you address the Danes in German. If you speak a little Danish, you can use the informal form of address straight away. Even so, the Danes are very polite. They always say thank you for little things and appreciate the little things that make life so beautiful. As a holidaymaker in Denmark, you immediately feel welcome and at ease. The Danes are extremely trusting to one another, distrust is a rarity. The basic mood in the country is warm, friendly, open - and extremely contagious. The Danes are very close to families and love animals. Thanks to the Danes, holidays with the whole family and four-legged friends in tow are pure enjoyment.

6. The great Hygge-Feeling

Why are the Danes actually considered to be the happiest people in the world? What's your secret? Part of the answer is certainly the Danish hygge feeling. This life motto is difficult to translate: Hygge is everything that has to do with familiarity and comfort, with warmth, security and also enjoyment. A feeling of security, but also of happiness, comfort and serenity. Hygge can be felt in a wide variety of situations: during hours together with family and friends, with a good book, a delicious meal, by candlelight inside or in cold, damp weather outside. In short, hygge is a true feeling of well-being that the Danes are able to convey to us and are guaranteed to also convey to you. You take the time, hyggelige moments, to create a balance to everyday life. We think that's great! A little more serenity, carefree and happy togetherness is good for all of us.

7. The cozy, luxurious holiday home culture

Denmark is the land of holiday homes. People from all over the world and also the Danes themselves spend their own holidays there. After all, most of the houses are in private Danish hands. No wonder that the pieces of jewelery are in the most beautiful places all over the country: in the dunes and / or directly by the sea, in nature reserves, fishing villages or near cities. You are guaranteed to find hygge in the individually furnished holiday home pearls: The houses are available in all sizes, price ranges and furnishings - with sauna and fireplace, pool and whirlpool, with play rooms, fishing and surfing equipment, with horse pastures or natural properties. In the holiday home you decide what makes your holiday perfect for you: Sleep in as long as you want, relax all day in your favorite clothes - on the terrace, in the garden, by the pool or with your favorite drink in front of the fireplace. Cook in the holiday home kitchen or on the garden grill whenever you like and what you like best. Turn up the system as loud as you want without it disturbing third parties. Your children can play happily and squeaky on swings or trampolines in the garden without the neighbors complaining. If you are traveling with family or friends, the spacious holiday homes offer plenty of space for all of you to plan your holiday.

8. Relaxed vacation planning & feelings of happiness on arrival

The Danes are known for their warmth. All processes related to your travel planning and holiday home booking are correspondingly uncomplicated. We at Denmark.de also do our best every day to do justice to the visitors of our favorite country and are happy to answer any questions you may have before, during and after your holiday. Get in the holiday mood while preparing, click through the beautiful holiday homes on Denmark.de and benefit from our best price guarantee. Do you want a house by the sea? With a fireplace, sauna, pool or a large garden for your dog? No problem! You are sure to find a fine holiday accommodation according to your ideas. Since Denmark is part of the European Union, you can easily import various foods and luxury foods and you are usually allowed to travel with your dog and even horses. To be on the safe side, just take your ID or passport with you and remember the ID for your animal companions. The roads in Denmark are safer than average; There is hardly any car theft in Denmark and you can drive on many beaches by car. In addition, planes, ferries, trains and long-distance buses regularly head for the small kingdom - and the local public transport network is top-notch. On arrival, the fresh and slightly salty scent of the coast awaits you. Welcome to your personal vacation paradise! The pleasant mixture of anticipation for the next few days, the sudden comfort and relief to finally be there is a dream. Perhaps you are also full of energy and a thirst for adventure and can hardly wait to dig your toes in the sand, swing on your surfboard or go on a hike through species-rich forests. When we arrive in Denmark, we experience this mix of feelings of pure happiness every time.

9. Danish delicacies from hot dogs to soft ice cream

You might associate Denmark with soft ice cream, smörrebröd and liquorice, but this is only the beginning of the culinary journey of discovery: The Danes love their roast pork with parsley sauce, bratwurst and meatballs or Danish versions of lapskaus and hot dogs. Always with you: lots of sauce! Vegetable side dishes and mushrooms mostly come from the surrounding area and are accordingly tasty. Even sweets have a permanent place on the menu: from cinnamon rolls to puff pastry pieces to marzipan cakes you will find a very tempting variety at the Danish bakery. In the different regions there are small apiaries, candy and liquorice factories as well as local varieties of Danish delicacies. In Denmark, people like to drink coffee and cocoa, craft beer and locally made liqueurs, and in winter they warm up with hot glögg. You can usually drink tap water in Denmark without any problems and save the money for water from the supermarket. Denmark's star cuisine is not so cheap, in recent years many dishes have been completely reinvented and many old traditional ingredients have been rediscovered. These include wild berries, root vegetables, meat from grouse or reindeer, but also oysters, flounder and crabs. Fortunately, there are now cookbooks about "Nordic Cooking" so that you can create delicious traditional Danish dishes at home. Alternatively, you can of course also feast cheaply in Denmark: Get a hot dog at the snack bar, try homemade food from one of the street stalls, from the farmers' own sale, fish from the cutter or have a delicious meal in a country inn called "Kros".

10. Charming places and fishing villages, great handicrafts, cozy cafes

Not only the cultural and leisure activities, the nature and the delicacies of Denmark are spectacular. When exploring your holiday area, you are bound to succumb to the charm of your surroundings: Stroll along the narrow streets in picturesque towns, discover old half-timbered houses, visit artisans, charming boutiques and flea markets. Try the delicacies of the candy factories and chocolate factories or chat with the locals in the café. Explore the rough and romantic fishing villages and enjoy the view of the sea and seagulls, piers and boats from the harbor. Roam through the dog forests with your dog or take him to the powdery beaches. There's much to see!

11. Endlessly long sandy beaches and fascinating dunes

Speaking of beaches: The beautiful Danish beaches are endlessly long and kilometers wide - especially on the North Sea coast, where ebb and flow alternate. As soon as you feel the soft sand under your feet, you will notice how tensions are released - this is exactly how we imagine vacation: feet in the sand, your face in the sun, a little salty air around your nose and the soothing sound of the sea in your ears. Many Denmark fans apparently see it the same way, because the beaches are populated with all sorts of people: Some people go out onto the water with surfboards and sails, others sit in vehicles with wheels and jet across the sand. Some go on long rides on horseback or take long walks with their dogs. Still others picnic on blankets they have brought with them or hold a fishing rod in the water in the hope of a delicious dinner. Danish beaches have two big plus points compared to German beaches: there is no tourist tax or other entrance fees to be paid anywhere, and in some places you can take your car to the beach. This is particularly useful when you want to transport umbrellas, surfboards or fishing accessories. You will also experience an absolute sense of well-being when the sun dips into the sea accompanied by bright colors: Cozy up in a blanket and enjoy the sunset with an evening picnic on the North Sea beach.

12. The great experiences in every season

Holidaymakers come to Denmark with the most varied of wishes and expectations, all of which are fulfilled in the small kingdom between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. This fascinating part of our planet is guaranteed to enchant you too. No wonder that you fall in love with the country, people and holiday home so quickly, that you quickly call Denmark your second home and come back as often as possible. Many leisure activities are also free of charge. We have listed a few of them for you here.