What thoughts motivate you when you run?

8 thoughts to motivate you to exercise

To motivate oneself to exercise is a central challenge for many people. Sport is so important here. Not only the physical condition is significantly improved through sport, but also the mental condition. More drive for everyday life, more stamina for tasks and challenges, more self-confidence - to name just three points ... In this article I would like to share with you my thoughts on how we can motivate ourselves to do sports.

Thought 1: Exercise is a reward, not a punishment.

It is true. Sport is exhausting. But sport is more than that. Sport is not a punishment for having eagerly and perhaps also a lot. Exercise is a reward. Can't we be happy that we even have the opportunity to do sports? That we are healthy and able to move without pain? Others do not share this happiness. The feeling of what you have after a strenuous workout or after a hard workout is unique, isn't it?

Thought 2: Don't be afraid of failure, fear of doing nothing.

Many fear failure. Many are afraid of having to stop a run because they simply can't anymore. Many are afraid of not being able to lift a weight. Free yourself from it and use your fear by using it for yourself. Am afraid of doing nothing. Afraid to sit on the couch rather than go for a run. Am afraid of not having tried it. Am afraid of your guilty conscience.

Thought 3: Winners only see the positive.

For most people, winners have exactly one advantage: They always see things positively. They don't see the pain and exertion in exercise, they see the growth and strength it brings. You don't see problems, just opportunities. Winners say: "It will be extremely difficult, but I can do it" - losers say: "It will be extremely difficult, I will not make it."

Thought 4: Setbacks and defeats lead to the goal.

It might sound a little strange at first, but that's exactly how you have to approach things. Bruce Lee once said: “Defeat only shows me that something is wrong with my actions. It shows the way to success and the truth. ”Defeats and setbacks are therefore necessary steps for success. Keep this in mind next time you cannot perform as well as you intended. Learn from it and do better next time.

Thought 5: You don't know your limits until you've been there.

People are capable of some things that are sometimes not even possible to believe. The only obstacle that usually stands in the way is the head. Do you know your limits? Have you been there before? Maybe you are capable of more than you think. You can only take great strides if you go to your limits.

Thought 6: “The man on the mountain top didn't just fall over there” - Vince Lombardi

Sport requires discipline and ambition. But it's worth it. The effort and overcoming is only limited in time, the pride that you get from it remains. If you don't have the super genes, then you have to show commitment and will. Everyone who looks fit and good has to and has had to work hard for it. That doesn't usually happen by itself. Make yourself aware of that.

Thought 7: “A goal without a plan is a wish” - Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Make a plan for yourself. Set goals for yourself. Be self-critical and evaluate your performance against your goals - always. Without concrete goals, you will not know whether and how well you have progressed. Success is only measured by whether or not you have achieved your goals. No plan - no success. Plan your exercise, plan your diet, and you will see results quickly.

Thought 8: When your legs go limp, run with your heart.

The will is stronger than the body. It is a fact. At the point when you can no longer, the wheat is separated from the chaff. Now it is decided whether you are making progress. If you can't anymore, keep going. As long as you are really no longer able to.

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