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In half of the patients with musculoskeletal pain, there are no structural causes.

Chronic muscular and skeletal pain is the most common cause of absenteeism. The diagnosis of back pain alone causes up to 40 million days off per year in Germany. In half of the patients with musculoskeletal pain, there are no structural causes. Often it is the result of malfunctions and misalignments of the spine or blockages. Triggers are often a lack of exercise, improper stress, but also psychosocial factors such as stress and conflicts. These malfunctions can usually be successfully resolved manually. But not every therapy is paid for in full by the health insurance.

Physiotherapy requires a prescription

Classical physiotherapy or physiotherapy is a form of physical training that aims to restore or maintain functional and mobility restrictions in the body. Physiotherapy requires a prescription. This means that physiotherapists are only allowed to treat patients at the expense of health insurance companies with a prescription from a doctor. The prescription can be issued by any doctor regardless of the specialty. Both the diagnosis and the goal of the treatment must be noted on the prescription. The type and duration of treatment is based on the guidelines set out in the catalog of therapeutic products. These were decided in 2004 in a joint federal committee made up of health insurance companies, doctors and physiotherapists.

The catalog gives a recommendation for the type, duration and frequency of therapeutic measures for each diagnosis. Six applications of a maximum of 20 minutes per recipe are now common. 20 minutes for an application, including donning and undressing, is little - not enough, doctors and therapists agree. However, performing two applications in a row is not permitted. For one treatment, physiotherapists receive between thirteen and fifteen euros from health insurance companies. The co-payment for the patient is ten percent of the treatment costs and ten euros per prescription. In principle, the services of physiotherapists can also be used without a doctor's prescription. In that case, however, they also have to be paid for themselves.

Manual therapy: a special form of physiotherapy

Manual therapy is a special form of physiotherapy. It is also used to treat functional disorders of the musculoskeletal system. The therapist tries to treat disorders in the interaction of joints, muscles and nerves with special hand movements and techniques. The manual therapist training includes 400 hours of advanced training and an additional final exam.

Thereafter, the therapist can charge around one euro more per application than with traditional physiotherapy. Manual therapy is also only paid for on prescription by the health insurance companies. The boundaries between the forms of therapy are often fluid. The therapists often know better than the prescribing doctor which form of therapy is most suitable for the existing symptoms. They then do it.

Osteopathy is not a prescribable service according to the remedy catalog

The principle of osteopathy is based on the mobility of the body and the individual body parts and organ systems with one another. By detecting and releasing blockages, functional disorders and somatic dysfunctions in the entire organism can be eliminated. Osteopathy is not one of the prescribable services of the remedy catalog. Nevertheless, many health insurance companies take over the treatment costs in whole or in part as part of voluntary statutory benefits. However, it may not be exercised by physiotherapists, but only by licensed doctors or alternative practitioners. The professional title of osteopath is not protected. The training courses differ greatly from one another.

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