What are the curriculum for GRE preparation

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How can you prepare?

In addition to the classic exercise books and preparation books with sample solutions, there is now also test software and online courses. The latter in particular are enjoying increasing popularity, as the course can also include an evaluation of previous preparatory work. The classic preparatory tools for prospective students have not yet offered these possibilities. However, such online courses are usually more cost-intensive because the evaluation is carried out by a teacher. However, the courses are still far from the price level of the GMAT or GRE preparation courses.

Generally, a preparation time of 60 to 80 hours - depending on your level of knowledge - is considered appropriate.

For most business schools and also for WHU, you should aim for a test result of at least 100 points.

* What is the GER?

The abbreviation stands for Gmore together emore uropean R.reference frames for languages (not to be confused with the GRE test, the Graduate Record Examination). It is the basis for the development of common curricula, textbooks and language tests. In addition, the language levels from A2 (very low) to C1 (perfect) are defined using the frame of reference. The assessment of a TOEFL test, in turn, is based on the language level. If you passed your Abitur in Germany, your language level for English will be assigned to level B2 according to the GER scale.

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