How do Rhode Islanders give instructions

"Instructions on How to Make a Fire with Lehigh Coal"

Chapter 3: Replenishment and Persistence
  1. Since the fire is now in full swing, it only needs to be fed three times during the day and evening. The first replenishment should take place immediately after breakfast, when the family separates, the gentlemen retire to the counting room, office or study and the ladies to their changing rooms; the second about an hour before dinner; the third a little into the evening.
  2. When my readers are ready to be really thrifty, let them refill a fourth time, namely. at bedtime - what I call the ongoing process. Because if done correctly, the fire only needs to be lit once for the entire winter, such as November 1st, and thus an immense amount of lighting can be saved.
  3. The persistence method is extremely simple and just consists of adding a few pieces of coal, say at 11 a.m., and then covering the whole thing with ashes and ashes ... until you've shoveled as much as the grate can hold. In the morning, all you have to do is clap the fan and let the fire glow in front of you. According to this plan, my salon always felt comfortable at breakfast.
  4. Don't let the ladies mumble: the grate can still be cleaned. When the servant approaches the grating for the first time in the morning, everything is calm, calm, slumbering and cool - one would hardly believe that the fire is there; and the brass can therefore be polished without the slightest hindrance. And only when that is done should the blower be used.
Chapter 4: From Poker
    1. Playing poker sensibly is essential to the well-being of an anthracite-colored fire. This is the most delicate part of the science of burning coal, and the strictest attention should be paid to it. This is so beautiful that I am almost ready to say that I can form an opinion about a man's intellect from his use of poker, as well as his supplication, preaching, or physical activity.
    2. An ignorant, meddling, or nervous person whom you will see many times in poker on any adventure for no rhyme or reason - as often as making a fire. Poker should always be kept out of your reach, especially on a cold winter day. You are not worthy of your honor.
    3. The legitimate role of poker in the case of a coal fire is to clean up the ash that accumulates on the lower bars and to encourage free air circulation. Not to hasten the fire by breaking a large coal into pieces or by changing the position of the pieces as in the Liverpool fires.
    4. A fire should be stabbed at its zenith - if you wait until it is well below your thrust will only push it out; The more you nudge, the less it will burn.
  1. If the fire, because it has been neglected for too long, appears to be in a dubious state and hesitating between life and death - never touch it with a poker, it will be the death of it - never stir it - look it up barely at or breathe at it. but with the step of a ghost clap of the fan, and if the vital spark is not completely extinguished, the air will figure it out and in a few moments inflate it to a generous heat - then gradually add fresh charcoal in small clean pieces, dust free and your fire is safe - servants never learn this secret, they always fly to the poker in any case of need, and by their stupid use they double their own work and annoy the mistress of the house.
  2. This direction should be observed especially in the morning when a fire persists. No charcoal should be added or the fire touched until the fan has started up and done its job. Especially in the case of Schuylkill coal, Lehigh will often be preferable that this alone provides sufficient heat for the breakfast hour; This is proof that keeping the fire running in the established way is not a waste, but a clear salvation.
  3. Many other subtleties could be enumerated that affect poker. but I forego and willingly leave something to the imagination of the reader. I would, as preachers say, close on just one practical note: you will never have a good anthracite fir until you break your husband, brother, or wife of the mischievous habit of poking around. It is certainly an improper habit in itself and detrimental to the fire. It shows a too annoying, curious, subordinate disposition; and I can never help but think when I see one of these kinds poking the coal, that he just wants the opportunity to throw himself into my private affairs.
* This coal is sold by weight ... and broken open on the farm at an additional cost of fifty cents per ton.