Is math better than English

Math or English LK? What should i choose?


I have a problem with my choice of LK. You could choose between math, English and German. Math is my absolute favorite subject at school, which is why it was clear from the start that I would definitely take mathematics as a LK.

As the 2nd LK, I then chose English and I've always had difficulties with English.

Now school starts again on Thursday and the LK and the course system begin. I'm kind of afraid that I won't be able to do LK English, even though my 11th teacher says I'm good at English.

I did not choose German as the LK because the teacher rated it very unfairly - both orally and in writing. With the teacher who does the LK, we already had lessons in the eleventh. The exams were always very bad because we just didn't know what he expected of us in the exam. Many German lessons were also canceled and unfortunately there were no substitute lessons. My problem was simply that I didn't understand the teacher's grades. Other teachers justify grades when asked. But the German teacher then only said that he was not discussing grades, but announcing them. Any conversations with the teacher did not help. So I decided to take the English course.

In my last English exam in the eleventh, I only wrote 1 point. I can do that in class, but when I take the exam, I don't know anything ... The final grade I got was 4+

I was always much better in German than in English.

In the eleventh grade I had a grade point average of 2.4 ... I just don't know how to get the Abitur because of the English LK ...

I'm also a little afraid of Math LK because many repeat the 12th because of Math LK ... and the LK should be very difficult ...

Does anyone have any tips on how to do the Englsich LK? I'm afraid that I will write another 5 or so in the first exam on the 12th ...