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Zodiac signs and planets in the human body[1]

Synonym: Medical astrology

A sub-area of ​​astrology that examines the relationships between the horoscope and the body, in particular illnesses and dispositions, but also healing options. Medical astrology is based on the assignment of the planets and the signs of the zodiac to organs and body parts. Working with medical astrology and especially its application requires profound medical knowledge.

The ancient and medieval tradition, according to which certain medical treatments should only be carried out for the appropriate astrological constellations, is called Iatromathematics. Much attention is still paid to this astrological direction in trivial astrology. The assignments listed below have also been known iatromathematically since ancient times.

Planets and body parts

  • Sun: heart, blood circulation, eyes
  • Moon: stomach, breasts, body fluids (lymph), mucous membranes, vegetative nervous system
  • Mercury: spinal cord, nervous system as "communications" of the body, respiratory organs (lungs and bronchi)
  • Venus: organs of equilibrium, kidneys (endocrine system), veins, skin as a sensory organ
  • Mars: Male reproductive organs, muscles, blood, arteries
  • Jupiter: liver and metabolism
  • Saturn: skeleton / skeleton, skin as the body boundary; Knees, ears
  • Uranus: nerves as stimulus conductors; Calves, ankles (hocks)
  • Neptune: pituitary gland; Feet
  • Pluto: sexual organs (reproductive system), large intestine, rectum

Zodiac signs and body parts

The assignment of zodiac signs to body parts was first presented in the Astronomica of Manilius in the early first century (already in a way that is comparable today):

  • Ram's head
  • Taurus: mouth, throat and esophagus, throat and neck
  • Twins: trachea and lungs, arms and hands
  • Cancer: breasts, stomach and abdomen
  • Leo: heart, bloodstream
  • Virgo: small intestine
  • Libra: lumbar region, kidneys, bladder, skin as a contact organ
  • Scorpio: genital organs, colon, rectum
  • Sagittarius: hip and thigh region, liver
  • Capricorn: skeleton and knees
  • Aquarius: lower legs, ankles
  • Pisces: feet

Zodiac degrees

Reinhold Ebertin made an even more differentiated grad astrological classification.
For example, he further subdivided the sign Aries with the main theme head: [3]

Brandau's organ clock (after Ebertin)
  • 1 ° cerebrum
  • 2 ° midbrain
  • 3 ° cerebellum (abscesses)
  • 4 ° pineal gland (goiter)
  • 5 ° right and left eye (hair)
  • 6 ° eye sockets
  • 7 ° ears
  • 8 ° zygomatic bone
  • 9 ° eye lenses
  • 10 ° eyeball
  • 11 ° optic nerve
  • 12 ° tongue
  • 13 ° ventricles of the brain
  • 14 ° frontal lobe
  • 15 ° lateral lobe (suicide, strokes)
  • 16 ° Varolsbrücke
  • 17 ° spinal canal
  • 18 ° nerve connections
  • 19 ° brain bar
  • 20 ° hyoid bone
  • 21 ° eye muscles (abscesses)
  • 22 ° cheek muscles
  • 23 ° zygomatic muscles
  • 25 ° head nod
  • 26 ° skull bones
  • 27 ° anterior vault (consumption)
  • 28 ° middle and rear vault, hair
  • 29 ° ear canal (bronchitis)
  • 30 ° parotid gland

Actually, according to the astrologer Ulrike Voltmer, is 'Everything in Everyone'; all astrological principles work in every part of the body. Everywhere in the body there is the pulsation (Sun-Leo) of the blood enriched with oxygen (Mars) through breathing (Gemini-Mercury), is sugar (Jupiter) used and burned (Aries-Mars), the blood is converted into building materials (Virgo- Mercury) taken to nourish the cells (Taurus) and for new cell growth (Jupiter); it is detoxified (Libra-Venus), waste products are removed (Scorpio), nerve tracts (Mercury and Aquarius-Uranus) and lymphatic vessels (moon) run through the tissue ... The fact that the individual organs and body parts are only assigned to certain astrological principles is part of the process do their specializations.[4]

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