Why is nothing good enough for me?

What's wrong with you? The real reason you're not good enough


Just as I was about to start a sweeping attack against one of the greatest epidemics of this century, I realized that there was already a post about it on Love Message:

(Together with inferiority and deficiency among the top 3 things that I would like to exterminate forever on this planet. But everyone has their preferences.).

So before it is said afterwards: "I know, I know, I've already heard." I'll tell you something:
“I know, I know, I've heard.” The world has never changed anything.
The flood of information that you have already stored in your brain is infinite - you have internalized very few.
If "I know, I know, I've already heard." Would bring something, everyone would stick to the recommended speed, do sports every day, do not consume industrial sugar, get enough sleep and never yell at their children because it is always nothing brings but a bad mood at home:
you know, you know, you've already heard.

I guarantee you:
ONE SINGLE challenge, and your “I know, I know, I've heard” is of absolutely no use to you.
ONE SINGLE negative situation tailored to suit you, and you are annoyed, frustrated, overwhelmed and generally down, all shit - and your theoretical knowledge evaporates like a soap bubble.

What you need is AWARENESS.
Consciousness is what comes out of you spontaneously without thinking.
At 3 am / with a stupid WhatsApp / with an empty account: what is the first, spontaneous reaction?
THAT is your consciousness, so don't tell me anything about "I already know". "

However, there is only awareness through repetition, and that's why I'm adding a load today when it comes to self-doubt:

You will not find out whether you are struggling with self-doubt when you are newly in love, your hair is perfect, you are partying with your friends, or have landed a new assignment.
You only know whether you are free from self-doubt when it does NOT work.

Perhaps you are currently in a situation in which everything about circumstances and situations calls you into question - in other words:
you not only have a challenge to master, but at the same time you also have self-doubts at the start that credibly assure you:
BECAUSE YOU are "not good enough / not talented enough / not thin enough / not hot enough / not able enough / not loving enough / not resilient enough / not a good mother, etc. - THEREFORE everything goes wrong."
And you're sitting there, pondering what you should change about yourself, because obviously YOU are the problem.

Or maybe you are ALWAYS (your whole life!) Surrounded by circumstances and people who convey to you:
somehow you're wrong
Something is wrong with you.
You are too loud, or too quiet, too fat or too thin, too shy or too stupid or whatever, at least:
something does not fit.
And not just in the situation, but above all in YOU.
DU basically does not fit.

Okay, now listen ‘I admit - because what I'm about to say is extremely important.

If I were the devil (which I am not!) I would do this:
with every person who has a very special talent,
in any person who has an exceptional ability
for every person who has something in him that gives gifts, makes happy, sets free and permanently changes many people,
for every person who has a gift that others do not and who in turn enables everyone else to do things that were not possible before,
for every person who is extremely important to this world,
I would just send everything to circumstances and people (if necessary, own parents, that always works great, otherwise partners, friends, children, etc.), which only works so that they never develop their potential.
With everything that is necessary, I would convey to her that something is fundamentally wrong with her, and instill so much rejection, distrust and self-doubt in her heart that at some point she cannot help but constantly question herself, and inferior is stunted or just busy with itself or “works” on itself.

So if you have been struggling with self-doubt for many years, and everyone around you assures you again and again that "something is wrong with you.", Then the chances are very high that I am writing about you right now.

I'll tell you something:
You are the greatest danger to the devil.
What you have inside of you is an infinite treasure - YOU are an infinite treasure.
I may not know exactly what it is right now, and you may not even remotely know it yourself, but I assure you: it is precious and enormously important and has a very large impact.
No matter what you have ever been told otherwise, no matter what you have ever experienced or are currently experiencing - all of it is a lie.
It's just not true that you are wrong.
That your person exists on this planet is spot on.
YOU ARE EXACTLY RIGHT exactly as you are.

You actually don't fit - you don't fit mainstream and mediocrity.
You do not suit weakness, small thinking, stooping, unworthy, enslaved life, which is determined by external circumstances and is a constant up and down.
You are TOO creative, TOO free, TOO unique, TOO genuine, TOO different - but this otherness should be appreciated, valued, cherished and celebrated.

And if no one has ever celebrated it, then I'll be the first person today.
And you are the second, so we are already two celebrating you :).

The real reason you're never good enough isn't that you're not good enough.
The real reason is that there is something about you that is so attractive, so precious, and so extraordinary, that you are so interesting to your opponent that no effort is too small for him or her to stop you.
If you feel like you don't fit, that's true because:
you don't suit the devil.

And you can almost take that as a compliment.

"But Joanna, what can I do about it?"
You don't have to do anything, you just have to believe me.
And when everything in you says that you do not fit, and every circumstance convincingly assures you that something is wrong with you, and everything around you yells at you really loud with self-doubt (not audible out loud, but in your thoughts) - then you decide:

“I don't care, I think Joanna. I believe that everything is right with me, that I am here for something particularly beautiful and important, and that the other is a lie. "

You don't have to feel better, nothing must have changed yet, or something spectacular must have happened in some other way: you believe me and stick with it, yes?
You just stick to it. Like a German oak.

The self-doubts are no stronger than me, I know that by chance;).
We'll get rid of them, then what you are finally comes out, and then everyone will celebrate you.
But I have celebrated you beforehand because I am particularly good at it: I always see the hidden beauty and greatness in people.
My super power;).

“But, Joanna, don't I suffer from overconfidence? Everyone has traits that are screwed up? "
Yes, I totally agree with you: we all still have a lot of room for improvement when it comes to personal development;).

But without a deep awareness that everything is basically right with YOU, and you fit as a person, you can wrap up right away.
Only then can we go out and clear out things that don't suit you, but are uninvited guests at your party (such as These ones).

If you read me long enough, you will know that I am not an unrealistic weirdo, but a solid personality with a fulfilled, very successful life - that doesn’t come from 5 flat motivational quotes that you pinned to the fridge.
Everything about me is real, what I write is real and tangible - you can rely on it.
You will not become an unrealistic weirdo, I will take care of that (e.g. with the "Unsexy Skills ”series).

I accept the risk that 3 of my readers will take it wrong and become unrealistic weirdos, if thousands of others understand everything correctly and develop healthy and happy;).

"But Joanna, what if I believe you right now, but buckle in the next situation and still question myself?"
This is not bad at all, and it will be more the rule in the beginning.
And if you believe me more than the other junk for only FIVE MINUTES tomorrow, then I'll be very, very proud of you.
Always nice step by step.
You know: Consciousness doesn't go from now to after.
And you urgently need awareness that your person is infinitely precious, important and absolutely perfectly perfect as she is.
Exactly at the right age, exactly in the right look, exactly in the right personality, right now everything fits you.

"But Joanna, you don't even know that - how can you say that?"

Because I love you.
And I know the truth;).

We'll stamp out the self-doubt thing, I swear ...


Love greetings