What is Tom Brady's greatest moment

NFL Comment on Super Bowl LV: Tom Brady is the greatest - that's what makes his triumph so insane

In his tenth Super Bowl, Tom Brady wins the seventh ring - numbers that no franchise can call apart from the Patriots. Let alone a single player. If there was a need for discussion about Brady's history books before the game, these doubts may be put on record for good. A comment.

Tom Brady is the GOAT, the "Greatest of all Time".

The Super Bowl triumph against the Kansas City Chiefs has impressively underpinned this - with everything that goes with it, including how to get there.

That he left the New England Patriots after so many years, learned the difficult offense from his new head coach Bruce Arians in an unsuitable offseason and implemented it so well - most quarterbacks in the Arians offense only manage that in their second year -, Already deserves a lot of praise.

Voices: "Yeah, we'll be back!"

Anyone who wanted to label Brady as a "system quarterback" will have problems explaining this season. Brady led the league's most vertical offense on the field, a highly complex offensive in which he had to learn so many new things in terms of terminology, how to use the Blitz and reads. Brady did all of this - and how! Switching teams at the age of 43 and taking a franchise that hasn't been in the playoffs for 13 years straight to the title is absolutely spectacular.

Of course, Brady wasn't the only determining factor in this Super Bowl, as he was not particularly in some of the early Patriots titles. This time it was the Buccaneers' 4-Men-Rush in particular that caused the injured Chiefs-O-Line even bigger problems than expected - and the Chiefs couldn't find the schematic answers to counter that. You have to highlight an RPG like linebacker Lavonte David, who delivered an amazing game. Or assistant coach Todd Bowles, who developed an excellent defensive game plan.

But it was also Brady who hardly made any mistakes, who kept finding the gaps in the defense, who calmly had the simple answers ready and who kept getting rid of the ball extremely quickly. And in combination with a strong defense, the result was by far the clearest Super Bowl triumph in Brady's career.

Can Mahomes catch up with Tom Brady at some point?

Much has been said in advance about whether Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has to win this duel in order to have the chance to knock Brady off his pedestal at some point in historical terms. Now the question is: how many Super Bowls will Mahomes play, let alone win?

In Kansas City everything seems ready to shape the next dynasty and win several titles - but so did everyone at Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers ten years ago. Winning consistently in the NFL is extremely difficult. It takes an enormous amount of consistency at the highest level - and then in the playoffs, when everything can be over in a game, and of course the necessary bit of luck.

As for the statistics, Mahomes will probably pulverize all records at some point. However, what was meant in these discussions was rather the legacy aspect.

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Tom Brady: More titles than the record champions

The topic that a few years ago was still debated as to whether Joe Montana or Tom Brady is the greatest of all time - but this discussion simply no longer arises. Brady, together with head coach Bill Belichick, shaped two dynasties in New England - only to win the next title in Tampa Bay.

Brady has now won the Super Bowl in three different decades. His Tampa Bay offensive coordinator, Byron Leftwich, was drafted three years after Brady, and Brady's closest direct competitor - Peyton Manning - has just been inducted into the Hall of Fame. While Brady was playing his tenth Super Bowl. Brady now has more titles to his name (7) than the NFL record champions Patriots and Steelers (both 6) as a franchise. Incredible.

What's particularly crazy is that this doesn't seem to be the end of the story. Brady has emphasized several times that he wants to play until 45 - and for those who have watched him this year, that seems anything but unrealistic. Especially when you consider that a leap in development in Arians' offense is conceivable.

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How much longer can Tom Brady go on like this?

At some point there will come a moment when Brady will drastically decline. Maybe it happens within a few weeks, maybe a little more slowly over a season. And then the resignation will presumably also take place quickly.

But Brady is already pushing the boundaries of what a quarterback past 40 could be imagined to be. Especially if you compare it to other star quarterbacks such as Drew Brees or Ben Roethlisberger, who have noticeably waned with age.

Brady doesn't have that. And before that you have to take off your hat. You can hate Brady from a sporting and rivalry point of view. One can cite one's missteps. Keyword: "Deflate-Gate". But you can't disregard what he's achieved.

Because it is simply unique and may never be repeated again.

That's why he's the GOAT. The greatest ever. Discussion finally ended.