Why are the Welsh famous for singing?

Dad and Children Sing Welsh - Video Goes Viral

A father from the small town of Conwy, on the north coast of Wales, sang a song with his children and posted it online last Friday. - The video went viral.

Huw Williams and his two children, Osian, 7, and Seren, 5, sang the song “Yma o Hyd” by Welsh folk singer Dafydd Iwan * in the car in front of the children's school. They recorded it and uploaded the chant to Facebook. The video shows the family seriously and passionately singing the song in Welsh.

The father had just picked the children up from Ysgol Awel y Mynydd school in Llandudno before they left and they recorded the song. The video has been viewed 160,000 times since Friday. Compared to the Internet newspaper WalesOnline, the family man was surprised by the viral success of the video.

Huw Williams, who works as a caretaker in a four-star hotel, told WalesOnline that the success of the video was probably due to the authentic performance.

"It wasn't intended," he said. “We didn't upload it to reach a large audience. We uploaded it because Osian wanted to share it with his friends. I had promised him long ago. Osian now thinks he's going to get rich and famous. "

Williams has a special connection to the Dafydd Iwan song. He always sang it with his father, who has since passed away.

“Some have asked for more songs. Maybe we'll wait a few more months and bring something for Christmas. ", Williams told the Internet portal.

Either way, a cute internet find, thank you Wales!

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* Dafydd Iwan is a Welsh singer and politician. In his songs and politics he advocates a Wales that is independent of England.