What does Seen On TV mean

Television: Popular medium among children

What influence does the television have on everyday family life?

Almost all family members spend some of their free time in front of the television. Regardless of the content, television often has very specific functions in family life: As a family, you want to have a cozy Saturday evening together; you turn on the television for the children because parents need a moment of rest for an important phone call; the sick child should be distracted a little, or the "sandman" is simply part of the evening ritual. There is nothing wrong with that, as long as television is limited in time, is just one of many activities and children are kept away from content that is not age appropriate and that can harm them.

In many families, however, television has become a "sideline medium" that does not attract full attention and runs in the background. In addition, other media are often used, especially mobile media such as tablets and smartphones. For example, it is becoming more and more common that several family members sit together in front of the television, but chat, read e-mails or play online on the side.

As a parent, keep asking yourself how television affects the way you live together in the family. Do you experience entertaining hours together or is there a dispute over the choice of program? Do you have lively discussions about what you have seen and do you even encourage mutual exchange within the family? Or does television serve more to avoid a conversation? Do all family members get along with the rules or is there always anger and bad mood when the children are supposed to turn off the television? Then you should talk to your children about it and do something about it together.