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Pizza? I like. So, like a person who doesn't love pizza can like it. Do you find that confusing? Let's put it this way: I wouldn't die for pizza. But I feel like it once a month. Do you still find this confusing? The man thinks too. If it were up to him, we'd probably order pizza every day. And I know that I'm the exception here too. But hey. As the man always says so beautifully: "You are no different. You are special." For so much love, here's the concentrated pizza load. While I'm into Margherita - you probably won't be surprised? - the man has a different pizza topping on the table every month. And to counteract future "which kind should I eat today" views, there is concentrated pizza power here. With all the classics you know, of course. But also with a few new ideas for your pizza topping.

What is almost more important than the right topping is of course the pizza dough. Fortunately, Susanne took care of that a few weeks ago. She has tried all kinds of family recipes for you and has recorded the best pizza dough recipe ever in her big guide.

All veggie pizza toppings

You don't like fish or meat? Then you are in the right place at this point. And no, you don't have to compromise here. After all, THE pizzas of all pizzas are made without meat or fish "by default". So for you, the crème de la crème of veggie pizzas.

Let's even start with THE pizza. Coincidentally, that's my favorite pizza too: Pizza Margherita. Fruity tomato sauce, creamy mozzarella and aromatic basil are all you need to be lucky. To the Pizza Margherita

But that's ... no, it's not the same pizza. A Pizza Caprese is not a Pizza Margherita. This is where "real" tomatoes are put on the batter - in addition to the sauce, of course. The double "Pomodoro" charge, so to speak. To the Pizza Caprese

Mushrooms? But only on pizza! Yes, that's another thing that nobody understands. But hey, I know from stories that I am not alone with this preference. So today mushrooms, mozzarella and tomato sauce on your pizza. Go to the Funghi pizza

Do you like cheese? Then you will love this pizza! This is where mozzarella meets gorgonzola, parmesan and provolone. A lot of cheese? But also very tasty. To the Pizza Quattro Formaggi

But that's not a ... - Classic? No, this asparagus pizza with basil and mascarpone cream is really not. But it is so incredibly delicious that it deserves a place in the collection. With asparagus pizza

Without asparagus and without mascarpone, but with ricotta and thus a pizza bianca as well as the top. If not THE Pizza Bianca. The original of the white pizzas. To the Pizza Bianca

Pizza toppings with meat

Only a salami is real bread? Then the same should also apply to pizza, right? No, not a reproachful undertone. On the contrary. Pizzas with meat are allowed. But then please do it yourself.

What the pizza margherita above is probably the pizza salami in that category. It's kind of a Margherita too. Just with salami. By the way, it's not just children who like it. But also the man. For pizza salami

Do you like it spicy? Then turn your pizza salami into a pizza diavolo. Simply swap salami for pepperoni salami and add pickled pepperoni. Choose red or green, depending on your personal preference. To the Pizza Diavolo

Not in the mood for salami? Then Pizza Parma should be something for you. I really like it very much. In addition to Parma ham, you will also find Parmesan and rocket on your pizza. And tomato sauce anyway. To the Pizza Parma

You either like them or you don't like them. I don't think there's anything in between. I don't like them, my sister loves them and that's why this pineapple and ham pizza is for her too. To pizza Hawaii

Pizza toppings with fish

Are salmon and tuna your vegetables? Then these pizzas are for you. And also a little for me. I also really like fish on pizza. Above all Pizza Tonno. And recently also Napoli.

Anchovies? Capers? Now are you getting off? Please do not! Give Pizza Napoli a chance. It doesn't just come with two types of fish, but also with tomato sauce, mozzarella and olives. And it tastes so wonderfully Mediterranean. To Pizza Napoli

The fish pizza that is not just for fish lovers. Sounds weird. But that's how it is. The best example: the man. He doesn't like fish, but loves pizza tonno. Not least because of the combination of tuna, onions and tomatoes. To the Pizza Tonno

Very sweet pizza toppings

After savory comes sweet, after sweet comes savory and after savory comes sweet again. I could go on like this forever. With all the hearty ideas and this sweet pizza, it's no problem at all.

Nutella on the bread? Absolutely! Nutella on the pizza? Oh yes! But only in combination with mascarpone. Then crispy and creamy and chocolate come together. A little bomb. Yes. But a wonderfully sweet bomb. For Nutella pizza