When is tornado season

Start of the tornado season in the USA

Although tornadoes generally occur throughout the year, the peak of the season in the USA typically begins in March, starting from the southeast. April and May are particularly prevalent in the Great Plains Oklahoma is high season, so this time of year is especially high Storm chaser on road. In midsummer, the focus then shifts further north. On average, there are around 1300 tornadoes per year in the US, with a high degree of variability from year to year.

Tornado in Nashville

A low with a core over southern Missouri caused severe thunderstorms in northern Tennessee, southwest Kentucky and southeast Missouri on Monday. In addition to hail and heavy rain, there were also several tornadoes. One of them moved directly over north of Nashville, the capital of the US state Tennessee, Tuesday morning, causing serious damage and at least nine deaths. In the coming days, the risk of thunderstorms remains increased, especially from Texas to Alabama.

WOW… Screen grab view of the #tornado in the Nashville area of ​​Tennessee, USA this morning 3rd March! Photo via Stephen Barabas Facebook; # severeweather # NashvilleTNpic.twitter.com/hn6vQgPF9I

- WEATHER / METEO WORLD (@StormchaserUKEU) March 3, 2020

The Nashville tornado was dangerous not only because of its train path, but also because of the time of day. At the time of the tornado it was still dark and many people were still asleep. You could only see the windpants temporarily when it was illuminated by lightning.

East Nashville Rosebank area just a few minutes ago @NashSevereWx # tspotterpic.twitter.com/ 0TzDFZFPJs

- Daniel Alley (@Daniel_Alley) March 3, 2020

#Nashville dans le #Tennessee a été fortement touché par le passage d’une #tornade, il y a quelques heures. Les dégâts sont très importants. Photos by Chris Conte # tornadopic.twitter.com/59qS5tS5lb

- Keraunos (@KeraunosObs) March 3, 2020

This is downtown Nashville. I'm speechless @ NC5 @ CBSNews @ NashSevereWxpic.twitter.com / Jymi6tCs6C

- Chris Conte (@chrisconte) March 3, 2020

@ryanvaughan hail on Bandy St in Leachville just a few min ago # arwxpic.twitter.com / FeGXJ1oT21

- Kimberly Miller (@ Kimmiller82) March 2, 2020

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