What should women do during their period?

This is how women tick during menstruation

Once a month women are barely recognizable. Then your loved one suddenly becomes a moody and hungry menstrual monster. PMS and menstrual pain affect almost all women in their menstrual cycle, and men suffer from these symptoms at the same time. But why is it all? And how should men deal with it? We explain the 7 biggest menstruation puzzles to you.

1. Why do women make a drama out of their period?

A quarrel suddenly arises from a triviality, she constantly complains about pain and your loved one does not feel like having sex either. Everything should be sorted out with a tampon and a bit of chocolate. Why do women have to go crazy during this time?

On the one hand, because it is just terribly annoying! Every month the body drives the hormone carousel and triggers a wide variety of complaints. If the period comes later, however, the thoughts of an unwanted pregnancy are faster than you can say "menstruation".

On the other hand, women can hardly do anything about it. "The hormone fluctuations can seriously affect a woman's life," explains the Hamburg gynecologist Professor Dr. Kai J. Bühling. The cause of premenstrual syndrome, or PMS for short, is not exactly understood. According to Bühling, however, it is certain that the different concentrations of sex hormones affect the brain and thus impair mood. The abdominal and back pain that some women barely feel and others only endure with pain medication comes from the uterus contracting to shed the mucous membrane.

2. How does the cycle work?

In order to better understand the various complaints, you should know what happens in your partner's body over the course of a month: After the period, a new follicle matures in the uterus, which is associated with the production of the sex hormone estradiol. The estradiol level peaks in the middle of the cycle, which triggers ovulation. Then this hormone is broken down, but now progesterone is produced. From the 22nd day, about a week before the menstruation, this hormone is also broken down; this is where the typical PMS symptoms usually begin. When both hormones drop, your period starts. After 3 to 7 days, the bloody ghost is over, with women losing a total of around 65 milliliters of blood. "Incidentally, the vagina is not more unhygienic than usual during menstruation," emphasizes Bühling.
The rule is different from woman to woman and from time to time, and PMS symptoms also come at different stages. Therefore it is not yet possible to determine the exact cause. Just ask your partner how it works for her. This shows that you are not scared or disgusted with it, and that means a lot to women.

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Sex can relieve pain during your period

3. What do women want from men during their days?

Bad news: women usually don't really know that themselves. And even worse news: it often contradicts itself. But there is good news too. With patience and forbearance, you'll always be right. "The best thing men can do is show understanding," advises the gynecologist. "Take the symptoms and impairments seriously instead of just dismissing them as PMS. Remember that hormones such as testosterone can also affect your mood." The best thing to do is to ask her openly what she needs at this moment.
If both of them are okay, sex can also be a great way to show the woman how attractive you are during her period - and it can even alleviate some of the pain.

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4. How do men deal with PMS symptoms?

"There is no panacea for menstrual problems", explains Bühling, "you usually just have to go through it". But even so, these tips can help you handle the worst and help your partner through time. So if she says this you know what to do:

  • "You have *** again!"
    "Some women tend to be aggressive during their days, others to be depressed," says Bühling. Now you have to take the woman seriously, let her finish speaking and stay calm yourself. Try not to take the allegations personally, and make sure you don't say something like, "Oh, you're just getting your days!" Try to postpone the argument until a later date and show your affection.

  • "I have stomach and back pain"
    Give your loved one warmth! And not only emotional (which is also very good!), But make her a hot water bottle, take a bath or just put your hand on her lower stomach. Light exercise such as a walk can also help. Plus point: It not only relaxes your friend's muscles, but often also her mood.

  • "I am so fat"
    Dangerous pavement! One wrong word can blow up the PMS bomb quickly. In fact, according to Bühling, estrogens can lead to water retention in the body, which makes the body a little bloated. But don't even confirm your friend! Instead, disagree with her and show how attractive you find her to be.

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  • "I want chocolate!"
    Binge eating can also occur before or during your period (and give the "I'm fat" statement another cause). "There is nothing that demonstrably helps against such symptoms," explains the gynecologist. He recommends having as few temptations in store as possible during this time. If your loved one cannot rest, try healthier options such as dark chocolate or whole wheat pasta. But be careful: If your friend has the feeling that you are holding something back from her or that you are mothering her, it can quickly break down.

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Respond playfully to the whims of your loved one during their period

5. How does PMS feel?

Imagine the following situation: you come home after a long day, your back and your head ache from work and you are very hungry for something unhealthy. You walk past the mirror, you see a nasty pimple on your face and your stomach was flatter. When you turn around, you also notice a nasty stain on your bum because you sat down in a piece of chocolate earlier and walked around with it the whole time. Then, on the way to the kitchen, you accidentally bump a chair in the stomach and hunch over in pain. This is what PMS feels like.

6. What do men get from the cycle?

If your friend has her period, you will in all likelihood notice it too and suffer from the mood swings caused by the hormones. You have to go through that together now. But the cycle can have very different effects on the partnership. "As in pregnancy, the increased estrogen level in the middle of the cycle can increase a woman's libido," explains Bühling. This means: 1 to 2 weeks after her period, the woman will ovulate and, with a little luck, you will have more sex!
Is your friend taking the pill and considering stopping it? Then it's best to try a little more than usual for the relationship, otherwise your loved one could soon be looking for someone else! The cycle also influences the prey pattern. "The hormones decide whether women want a supplier or procurer," says Bühling. This means that they are more likely to look for a "safe game" during ovulation and more of a masculine type the rest of the time.

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"According to a study, even teachers whose partner is currently having PMS or her days give poorer grades," says Bühling. It is unclear whether this actually has a biological cause. He suspects it's more because a bad mood is simply contagious.

7. Why are there so many different tampons and pads?

The why is quickly clear: no woman is like the other and no menstruation like the one before and so you need something different for every occasion. So that you bring exactly the right items with you for your next purchase, here is a small guide:

  • Tampons
    The general rule is: the smaller, the more pleasant and hygienic. But if the rule is stronger, larger tampons are more practical. Look for the drop indicator on the packaging. The more drops there are, the more absorbent the tampon is. Special surfaces make it easier to insert, wings ensure that nothing runs past the tampon. However, sex with a tampon is an absolute no-go!

  • Soft tampons
    Did we mean that you can't have sex with a tampon? That's right, except for one particular exception. These tampons are small, triangular sponges without a pull-back strap, with which sports, swimming and sex are no problem. Theoretically a great thing, only it is extremely cumbersome to get these things out again.

  • Tie
    The offer is particularly large here. As with the tampons, there are different sizes, which can also be recognized by the drop indicator. Wings ensure a secure hold, pads with colored structures should often feel particularly dry, and perfumes give an extra hygienic feeling. Panty liners are mostly unsuitable for the actual rule because they are relatively small; Some women find thick sanitary towels (often in particularly large packaging) uncomfortable.

  • Menstrual cups
    They are a relatively new trend. Durable and hygienic for years, they ensure less waste during your period. However, if your partner wears the cup during sex, you may find it uncomfortable to squeeze or the blood will leak.

Period is a necessary evil that is not comfortable for either party. However, if you give your partner the feeling that you are taking the symptoms seriously and are not disgusted by them, it will make her time more pleasant - and she will thank you for that in any case!

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