Pays cern for internships

Internships and theses at the research center CERN - Technical and Administrative Student Program, Geneva

The student programs offer bachelor and master students their first practical research experience in a world-famous organization with internationally recognized scientists. The European Organization for Nuclear Research CERN pays the interns a monthly fee of CHF 3,305 (approx. EUR 2,910) and supports them, among other things. with travel expenses and health insurance.


There are two programs to choose from: The “Technical Student Program” can last 4-12 months and can be used for both an internship and a thesis. It is aimed at students of applied physics, engineering and computer science. The "Administrative Student Program" lasts 2-12 months and is aimed at students in the fields of business, logistics, law, management, psychology, communication and the like.


The prerequisites for participation are having studied at least three semesters and being a citizen of one of the CERN member states. Good to very good knowledge of English or French is also required.


The application deadline for the "CERN Technical and Administrative Student Programs" is March 25, 2019. Online applications for the "Technical Student Program":


Applications for the "Administrative Student Program":