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10 unsolved puzzles that still raise many questions!

There are events that move humanity and at the same time cause headaches because we have no logical explanation for them. When science and advances in technology fail to solve these puzzles, they preoccupy many of us and not infrequently become legends. Here are 10 unsolved puzzles that still raise many questions - goose bumps included!

# 1 The accident at the Djatlov Pass

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In 1959 there were nine unexplained deaths at the Djatlov Pass: A group of hikers was found dead, all outside their tents, barely dressed and radioactively contaminated. To this day it is not clear what happened then, but there are many theories - some believe that aliens were responsible for the disaster.

# 2 The flesh rain of Kentucky

In 1876 it rained meat in Kentucky, USA. Yes, you read that right: pieces of meat actually fell from the sky. Scientists have guessed how it might have come about: If vultures are too heavy to fly, they choke up undigested food and spit it out. So the meat could have been vulture vomit. Could…

# 3 The man in the iron mask

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You probably know films that deal with the mysterious man in the iron mask, who eked his life in a prison in France and had to wear an iron mask so that no one would find out his identity. To this day, nobody knows who this poor guy was.

# 4 The Hinterkaifeck murders

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Horror stories are made from this material: a lonely farmhouse, mysterious noises and, in the end, a cruelly slaughtered family. Who committed these horrific murders and why is still unclear. But when you deal with this story, you don't want to go on a farm holiday afterwards.

# 5 Tarrare

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Tarrare was an 18th-century France man who never got enough. He allegedly ate living animals (!), Whole baskets full of apples and even glasses and stones without putting on weight or harming his health. A very strange story, don't you think so ?!

# 6 The max headroom signal interruption

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In 1987, the broadcast of an episode of “Doctor Who” on a Chicago TV station was interrupted by a mysterious clip: Max Headroom, the title character of an 80s TV series, suddenly appeared and was talking confused and creepy stuff in a distorted voice. Who was behind it? Nobody knows…

# 7 The green kids from Woolpit

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Now it's getting really weird: In the 12th century, two greenish-skinned children are said to have turned up in Suffolk, Great Britain, who spoke a strange language of their own. Nobody has ever found out what these "green children" were all about and where they came from - if the story is really true, then it is a real real-life fairy tale!

# 8 The Voynich manuscript

The Voynich manuscript is a hand-written book written in an unknown language and with numerous strange illustrations. For centuries, experts and scientists have been trying to decipher what has been written - so far without success ...

# 9 Cicada 3301

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Since 2012, slanted messages and puzzles have been found on the Internet from a mysterious organization called Cicada 3301. Nobody knows what this is about and who is behind it - some believe it is tests by the CIA, others suspect illegal hackers behind it all History.

# 10 The Tunguska event

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In 1908, in a remote rural area of ​​Russia, there was a huge explosion that could be felt just 60 kilometers away. Countless trees fell, windows shattered. Why? Nobody knows - officially it should have been an asteroid impact, just strangely enough there was never an impact crater ...

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