Change is scary for you

New beginning: When your life changes completely

New beginning. Stage of life. Change.

These words can be scary or liberating. Depending on the situation we are in and whether we have consciously and ourselves chosen this life.

Turning your life around completely, starting over, can take a lot of courage. Many want it, most don't dare and others don't want to, but have to.

Tessa High school graduate
I'm starting to study in October this year. Would you like to make a video about the beginning of your studies or about new stages of life (possibly moving, university, city, etc.)?

And I responded with a video on the subject of a new beginning:

Yes, that was not the answer Tessa expected and yet I hope that she will help her. Even if I didn't give any specific tips about moving and starting my studies. Because the most important and perhaps the most difficult thing is to come to terms with this new life and your decision when you have taken care of all the organizational issues.

Why starting over can be difficult

Some feel overwhelmed with their job and studies in time management. Others have to learn to learn first and are simply afraid of not being able to keep up with their studies.

It is not uncommon for people to quarrel with their choice of course and to play with the idea of ​​dropping out or changing courses. What if we make wrong choices? What will friends and family think? How is that on my résumé? Can I still find a job like this?

Perhaps, like me, you want to take the step into studying after your professional training and professional experience and don't know how to finance your studies. After all, you've already built up a certain standard of living that you want to maintain if possible. Perhaps your family planning or social circle is preventing you from pulling it off. But maybe also that you have to catch up on your high school diploma because nobody has told you that you can now study at state universities without a high school diploma or you are simply afraid of being too old to study.

Maybe you have to move to a new city or even another country. Far from everything you know and love. Will you make new friends Who comforts you when you feel bad? Who is happy with you when there is something to celebrate? What if you get homesick?

Maybe you've already got all that behind you and can't imagine a life after your studies, outside of university, with everything that has become dear to you in recent years. Perhaps you are afraid of starting your career and the uncertain future, the seriousness of life.

Whatever it is that worries you, courage is when you do it anyway.

Why new stages in life are important

A fresh start always inspires respect. You have a phase of life behind you and now a new phase is coming. Life is change and that is a good thing. Because only in this way can we develop further and grow beyond ourselves. Achieve things that we never thought possible and become the people we want to be.

Stop feeling bad about yourself and admire others for their courage, intelligence, wealth or appearance and finally live life. Your life. That is as wonderful and unique as you are.


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