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Oxygen therapy worth € 350

Everyone knows that a trip "in the fresh air" is beneficial, stimulates thinking and improves performance.
A deep breath raises the energy level within a short time. From a scientific point of view, this knowledge has been largely ignored so far because the main focus was and is primarily on recognizing and treating diseases when they have occurred.

Therapy with oxygen takes a different approach. It can not only build up and positively influence pathological conditions - it primarily serves as a preventive measure. Because oxygen strengthens the natural healing powers. The other way around it becomes clearer: Without oxygen, no life in our sense is possible. Life extension is therefore a question of improving the state of energy.

We offer you oxygen-ion therapy as a home cure for a period of 21 days with the simultaneous intake of a vital substance complex including delivery (in the urban area of ​​Dresden!).
>>> You will receive a briefing so that it is possible for you to carry out the cure at home without any problems.

About us:
The Wielobinski practice offers you numerous prevention courses in Dresden. You have the opportunity to get to know many different fitness trends and techniques as well as proven techniques together with others under the guidance of our experienced trainers.

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