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Flickr is very popular as a photo service. But since you have to pay just under 50 dollars a year for the premium version, users have been looking for alternatives. We'll show you 7 services you can use to share photos. Some work in a similar way to Flickr, while others work very differently.

Photo community

Fotocommunity is a platform for both professional and amateur photographers. Since it works similarly to Flickr, it is a real alternative. Originally founded in Germany, the community is now also available in other language versions. You can share photos online, take part in photo contests, and even sell your pictures. There are free and various premium memberships. You can upload one photo per week for free - a maximum of 100 photos is allowed. With the paid versions you can upload and save more pictures, use photography tutorials and create your own photo homepage. In the complete version for currently 15.99 euros per month you have unlimited storage space and can also use Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. You can log in or register on the Fotocommunity website and use the service in your browser and as an app.


The 500px platform has existed since 2009. Here you can show photos and, for example, take part in competitions. If you license your photos over 500px, you can even earn money there. The service is available as a website or as an app, you can register on the 500px website. There are two payment models with which you can see statistics about your pictures and see no advertising: The "Awesome" version for currently $ 2.99 per month and the more expensive "Pro" version for currently $ 5 per month. You can add the Luminar image processing software to both for a fee. In the free version of 500px you can upload seven photos per week.


In Photobucket, you can decide who is allowed to see your photos when you upload them. You can edit or crop the images with filters and share them directly on social networks via an embed link. You can save up to 250 photos for free. As an alternative, there are three paid models for membership in Photobucket: The cheapest currently costs $ 5.99 per month and offers you 25 GB of storage space and no ads. The most expensive model currently costs $ 12.99 per month, with unlimited storage space. The service can be used in the browser and as an app; you can register on the Photobucket website.


Ipernity is a non-commercial alternative to Flickr. The photo service has been operated by the non-profit Ipernity Members Association since 2017. In addition to photos, you can also share videos, audio files or blog entries, both with selected people and publicly. You can register on the Ipernity website; the service can be used in the browser and as an Android app. There is one free and three paid options. You can upload up to 100 images free of charge and use the internal mailbox. With the most expensive version for currently 79.90 euros per year, you have unlimited upload options and can design your own page individually.

Google Photos

Google Photos is an alternative to Flickr, but it works very differently. It is more suitable for private photos, there is no direct exchange with other photographers. You have unlimited storage for photos and videos for free. Google automatically sorts the uploaded images, so you can search them by location or content, for example. You can access your files from anywhere using a browser or app. If you have a Google account, you can sign in to the Google Photos website. The pictures are not public, but you can share albums with specific people. They can then also add their own images. In Google Photos you can edit your photos directly, such as adding filters, cropping them or changing the brightness.



Dawawas is also intended for private use. The idea: whether after a wedding or vacation - a number of photos always remain unseen on the cell phone or the hard drive. At Dawawas you can share these photos with friends, via app or browser. You can register on the Dawawas website. When you create a so-called experience - i.e. a digital photo album on a certain topic - you can invite certain people to do so. They can view the pictures and also add their own pictures. You can also share experiences publicly. Membership in Dawawas is free, the platform's servers are in Germany.


Instagram is not a classic photo service like Flickr. Here you can also upload photos and videos, but the focus is not on the technology of photography or the exchange between photographers. Instagram is a social network where you can share pictures from your life online. Use hashtags to organize the photo by topic. You can use filters to alienate images during upload. You can also comment on, like and link other users' photos on Instagram. If you only want your photos to be visible to friends, set your profile to private. Instagram is best used via the app, you can log in or register on the Instagram website.