When did you stop trusting your mother?

My mother doesn't trust me anymore ...

Hello Anton,

Trust can be given undeservedly, but if you lose it, it must first be gained again. You have apparently honestly described here how things have developed for you. Your openness honors you. But don't your descriptions clearly show that your mother can't and shouldn't trust you? Even though you knew all these negative consequences and also knew what this means for your mother and you, you start smoking and smoking pot. You tried to hide all of this and once more betrayed your mother, lied to her and betrayed her.

You were trusted and you abused that trust. There may be understandable and human reasons for this, but it doesn't change anything about your wrongdoing.

How can you create a basis for trust again? How do you rate yourself? Can you let go of weed, smoking, lying and hiding? That would help. But does it stay that way? According to your own descriptions, you seem to be a young man who lets himself be guided more by his feelings and who does not take one or the other lie so seriously as long as it is useful to him. How can you trust someone like that?

You are only 14! Your mother should show you what is right and what is wrong is part of her job. It can only do that if you use your mind and see that smoking, smoking and lying can have serious and harmful consequences. So is your question really meant seriously? Do you really have no plan what to do and what not to do so that you can be trusted again? If you really don't know that, hard times will come again for you and you.

Just as a tip: no smoking pot, no lying, and then it will take many months or even years until you can be trusted again. Make sensible decisions. Show that you justify a trust in yourself.

I wish you a lot of strength and patience.