What are the longest audio books on Audible

Berlin, April 22nd, 2010. Audible.de, a leading provider of audio book downloads, has completed the first part of what is probably the longest fantasy audio book production of all time, "The Wheel of Time" by Robert Jorden. "As of today, part one," Threatening shadows ", available for download to all Audible subscribers for 9.95 euros.

The fantasy epic comprises 33 audio books that will be published on a monthly basis by Audible.de for the next three years. The audio books are spoken by Helmut Krauss, the German dubbing voice of Marlon Brando and Samuel L. Jackson. Helmut Krauss came to the speaker role in an unusual way: In January 2010 Audible.de called for a nationwide speaker election. On the Internet, audio book fans could choose between four speakers, each of whom had spoken a text passage in advance. The speakers who were available for the choice of speakers were Helmut Krauss, Oliver Siebeck, Sascha Rotermund and Uve Teschner. There was a head-to-head race between Helmut Krauss and Sascha Rotermund, from which Helmut Krauss emerged as the winner in the end.

When asked what excites him about the fantasy series by Robert Jordan, Helmut Krauss says: “I really like to speak fantasy because my voice accommodates it, and vice versa. This wide range of stories and the dark secrets have a charm for me. "

The head of program development at Audible.de, Michael Treutler, commented on the production as follows: "Das Rad der Zeit" was one of the fantasy titles our customers requested most frequently via email. That was actually the reason that we ventured into this project together with Lübbe Audio. We know that fantasy audio books are in great demand from our customers. Already the 16 audio book episodes of George RR Martin's "The Song of Ice and Fire", the "Temeraire" series by Naomi Novik - by the way, Peter Jackson's next film project after "The Hobbit" - had a great success. "

Contents of the audio book
In the remote village of Emondsfeld near the Veiled Mountains, life is peaceful and uneventful. Rumors of a war in the west can be heard, but hardly paid any attention to. Only the young farmer's son Rand al'Thor wants to find out more about his world. He is fascinated by the old stories about the Dark King and the mysterious Aes Sedai who turn the wheel of time. Soon he learns in a terrible way how much truth there is in these legends: Bloodthirsty Trollocs, the rulers of the Dark King, raid the village and burn the farm of Rand's family down. The magician Moiraine saves the boy at the last minute and travels with him to the capital. There Rand learns more about the legendary Dragon Reborn and understands how closely his own fate is linked to that of his world ...

>> This unabridged audio book version is presented to you exclusively by Audible and is only available for download.

The spokesman:
The actor Helmut Krauss, born in Berlin in 1952, is known for numerous theater and television appearances. He has lent his sonorous voice to various Hollywood actors, including Marlon Brando, Samuel L. Jackson and Jean Reno.

The author:
Robert Jordan, born in South Carolina in 1948, was already enthusiastic about the fantastic literature of Jules Verne and H.G. Wells. When he ran out of reading material, he began to write himself. 1990 saw the start of his cycle "The Wheel of Time", a unique epic work that has found millions of fans all over the world. On September 16, 2007, the American author died of a rare blood disease at the age of 58.

The next episodes appear for you at Audible:
The Eye of the World (The Wheel of Time 2) - May 2010
The Great Hunt (The Wheel of Time 3) - June 2010
The Horn of Valere (The Wheel of Time 4) - July 2010
The Dragon Reborn (The Wheel of Time 5) - August 2010
The other episodes will appear monthly on Audible.