Are you going to delete your ex's number

Ex girlfriend deletes all contact options


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I guess there wasn't the big event X that you didn't notice and that destroyed their love. It is much more likely that you haven't noticed for a long time that your feelings were going downhill for you.

As a rule, what appears to the abandoned person as a lightning-fast change is definitely the result of a lengthy process. Feelings disappear, you notice what is missing, you start with the analysis of what you feel and want and whether the relationship still makes sense - and then at some point you make a decision.

Only: As long as you are not sure about it, it is often the case that people first come to terms with themselves in order not to unsettle and "torment" their partner. It is often the case that the point is simply to find out what you (still) feel and want and there is no conscious point X at which you could work together as a couple.

I also suspect that her complete break in contact is due to the fact that you just can't let go of her, looking for an explanation, that big "I can change that!" Point that saves everything. If that doesn't exist, if she just doesn't want this relationship anymore, doesn't love you anymore - then she can't give you an answer. Then it is exhausting to be "besieged" by you. And it's never nice to see your ex suffer anyway. It can also be that she thinks she is helping you to let go.

Which in my eyes she would be right. As I said: I don't think there is that great mystery that needs to be cleared up. You can only accept that it's over. And let go.
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