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Sai Yamanaka[7] is an orphan from Konoha and a member of the ANBU-Ne unit. He also represents the substitute member for Sasuke Uchiha in the Kakashi team. However, "Sai" is just an alias that was assigned to him by his superior Danzou Shimura - his real name is unknown.


As a child

Sai's skin was pale to white from a young age, which was in stark contrast to his usual appearance. So he wore black, short hair and a top of the same color with matching, long trousers. The protruding black eyes, which were rounder, made him look childish. What is striking is the much softer facial expression than in Shippuden.

As a teenager

Sai is a tall, slender youth with a very pale complexion, black hair and black eyes. He carries a bag with a brush, scrolls and ink on missions.
His combat clothing consists of a tight-fitting, short top in black and gray tones, which has a shortened sleeve on the left side and also does not cover his stomach area, as well as black-gray trousers, around whose right trouser leg he wears his shuriken bag. Sai wears his ninja headband, like most shinobi, tied around his forehead. His casual clothing, on the other hand, is reminiscent of Japanese school uniforms.

The Last

After two years, his appearance has not changed significantly, but he has let his hair grow a little so that it now largely covers his headband. He has also stayed true to the crop top, but he now wears it completely black and a little longer. He has also now decided against his gloves, but instead has a large scroll on his back. Just like the rest of his age group, he wears tall ninja boots.

As an adult

A few years later he found his way back to his style as a teenager, which not only affects his hair, which is now shorter again. So he wears his black jacket again, but now with a long, gray lower part that covers the stomach. This shows that he is getting older. He has remained true to the scroll on his back, but he now carries it below.


Sai is an inscrutable person because, due to his training in the Ne unit, he does not initially seem to understand any human emotions such as friendship, love or trust. As a result, he was unable to respond appropriately to them and was of the opinion that a smile was the best way to deal with a situation, even if it was a wrong one. However, since he often lacked an understanding of the situations on an emotional level, he very often used this smile at the wrong moment.
Above all, this meant that he initially did not understand the bond that Naruto and Sakura had established with Sasuke. But the lack of understanding is not Sai's own fault. Danzou is of the opinion that emotions lead to hatred, which in turn leads to conflict and ultimately to war, and therefore trains the members of his ANBU-Ne unit to develop feelings.
In the course of the story, however, Sai developed his sense of correctly interpreting emotions; he proves himself to be a "real" member of Team Kakashi several times through the actions that follow his interpretations. In addition, Sai (due to his Ne training) is a very hierarchical character who always makes sure to express himself according to the rank of his interlocutor.

Private life

family and friends

In the ANBU-Ne unit, Sai met Shin, with whom he has developed a strong bond. He referred to Sakura as his brother, although Shin, who like Sai is an orphan from Konoha, has no blood relationship to him. Shin died of an unexplained illness, and Sai's only memory of him is his sketchbook, which he says he once owned.
During the Shinobi Alliance's war against Kabuto Yakushi and Akatsuki, Shin is revived by the Kuchiyose: Edo Tensei and meets Sai on the battlefield. However, after a brief struggle, he is released from the jutsu after seeing the completed sketchbook that Sai fell out of his pocket and disappears.

Relationship with his teammates


Sai has the greatest respect for Kakashi Hatake. His train of thought during their first encounter suggests that this fact results from the fact that the Ne unit has dealt in depth with Kakashi as one of the strongest shinobi in the village.


Sai initially maintains a very unemotional relationship with Naruto Uzumaki, which often leads to conflicts, as he does not want to accept him as a substitute for Sasuke Uchiha in the Kakashi team, but Sai does not understand his bond with Sasuke and disparages him. During her mission in Orochimaru's hiding place, however, Sai's attitude towards Naruto's goals is inverted from negative to positive, so that he joins his ideals. He even tries to actively maintain the bond between Sasuke and Naruto at the expense of his actual mission. Since then, the two have had a friendly relationship and Sai proves his loyalty to this relationship several times in a conflict situation with Sakura by standing up for Naruto or providing assistance.


At the beginning of their collaboration, Sakura Haruno always tried to mend the relationship between Sai and Naruto, as she was of the opinion that one had to work together as a team. However, there have also been scenes in which she has lost patience with Sai, who often crossed boundaries due to his lack of understanding of emotions.
In the meantime, however, the two get along quite well and Sai has become a confidante of Sakura who tries to help her in her difficult situations. This is especially evident after Pain's attack, when Konoha decided to eliminate Sasuke Uchiha as Nukenin. In this situation, Sai did his best to mediate between Sakura, Naruto and Kakashi and to prevent the situation from escalating.


As his superior, Sai Danzou meets Shimura, of course, with the amount of respect and loyalty that is due to this hierarchical difference.
It is unclear exactly what the relationship between the two is, but it seems clear that Danzou values ​​Sai's efficiency[8]. He also knows him well enough to immediately see that Sai has changed during the short time he spent with Team Kakashi.

Sai and all other members of ANBU-Ne have been sealed by Danzou with a seal on their tongue that prevents them from disclosing information about Danzou. If you try to talk about Danzou, your body will become paralyzed and you will not be able to speak. Danzou did this in order to keep the entire organization for the protection of Konoha as secret as possible, so that information could never get out. After Danzou's death, however, the seal dissolves.

Relationship to other Ne units

Sai has a very cool relationship with the other Ne units.
For example, Hyou attacks Sai at the Tenchi Bridge before his mission to test him and remind him of what his duties are. However, through his contact with the outside world, he seems to have become something of a fixed point in the unit. Because after Danzou's death he is involved in a short conversation by some Ne units, which is supposed to confirm the cause of the disappearance of Anbu-Ne-Juin. After this conversation, Sai decides that the Ne unit must now reveal itself to the Hokage.


Team Kakashi

Since the Kakashi team was already missing two members due to the failure of Kakashi Hatake, Tsunade decided that the team should be strengthened for the mission at the Tenchi Bridge. However, the Goikenban interfered in the matter and decided that Danzou Shimura, one of their confidants, would provide one of the two members. Danzou selected Sai for this assignment because his espionage skills were of great importance for the secret assignment, the murder of Sasuke.

The murder of Sasuke

While Team Kakashi was only given the task of catching the spy who sneaked into Orochimaru, Sai was given the task of Danzou to kill Sasuke Uchiha, Orochimaru's next vessel, in order to decisively weaken Otogakure.
For this purpose, Sai was supposed to gain Orochimaru's trust with secret information about KonohasANBU unit as a gift, in order to be able to get close enough to Sasuke. However, the mission was canceled by Sai himself, who, through contact with Naruto, decided to help Naruto maintain his bond with Sasuke.

Encounters with Akatsuki

After Team Kakashi's first mission, the relationship between Sai and his team members steadily improves. He tries to understand what friendship means to Naruto and to correctly interpret each other's emotions. During Naruto's training he often watches him from a distance and is often accompanied by Sakura, so that a friendly relationship develops between the two.

When Konoha is attacked by the two Akatsuki members Kakuzu and Hidan, Sai and his team are sent to reinforce Team Asuma. Once there, he separates from the others with Sakura to help Shikamaru. But this one has already killed his opponent. A short time later, Sai was assigned to the eight-man team. They are given the task of finding Sasuke. They split up and each group is assigned two nin-ken. While searching, they meet Tobi, who wants to prevent Konoha from interfering in the fight between Sasuke and Itachi. The fight is interrupted by Zetsu, who reports that Itachi is dead and Sasuke is unconscious. The eight-man team set out to get Sasuke, but Tobi and Zetsu are faster and take Sasuke with them. The next job Sai is given is to look for Kabuto with Anko, Yamato and a few other Shinobis. During this search, Konoha is attacked by Pain. Yamato senses that Naruto is releasing more and more tails and he and Sai immediately set off back to Konoha.

The Shinobi Alliance

In the fourth Shinobi World War against Tobi, Kabuto Yakushi and Tobi's Zetsu Army, Sai was transferred to the attack unit of the united Shinobi forces. He, Omoi and many other Shinobi are under the command of Kankurou. They set up camp in enemy territory and soon encounter enemy units. You notice Muta Aburame and two other Konoha Shinobis controlled by Sasori. However, these were only considered to be a distraction so that the actual opponents can attack from ambush. Sai can block an opponent's attack, but that opponent is Shin, who was resurrected by Kabuto through Kuchiyose: Edo Tensei. Shin is only meant to be a distraction and Deidara wants to blow him up. Sai is scared to see his brother again, so Omoi and Kankurou have to help him. Kankurou manages to trap Shin in his puppet so that the explosion doesn't hurt anyone. Sai now attacks Deidara and Sasori with two large ink monsters and, with Kankurou's help, manages to capture the opponents. Meanwhile, Sai loses his sketchbook, this is discovered by Shin, who is glad that Sai was able to finish it and then dissolves.