Dave also recommended the taylormade m1 driver as it had a lower spin rate. Thanks also to the very welcoming Christine and to Derek who popped out to say hi. It works well and clicks when you’ve torqued it to the right setting so you don’t over-tighten it. Thanks again Derek, Dave, Don and Christine! If the current equipment has is working for you they will tell you that.

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Very personalised service from a true professional and lots of options explored before settling on the right adjustibg of shafts, adjustibg etc to help me improve my game. I was really impressed from the minute I walked through the door. We decided that because of my swing improvement lessons and my swing faults ,or call them what you will, that a club with strong adjust-ability and a forgiving but not overly so face was for me.

I also had specific requests from 8i to sandwedge and from 5i to 7i which will be build as per my request.

SLDR Tuning Guide (AUS/NZ)

Posted October 25, I am confident my handicap is going to fall now after my fitting and receiving my new clubs. These guys are fantastic. Collected my taylormade PSIs on Friday last, played twice at weekend and although still early i am getting more adjustnig, control and accuracy Got fitted for a new set of irons yesterday by David.

I cannot recommend the custom fitting services at foregolf enough. Like a kid waiting for santa now for my new irons. David didn’t try and sell me anything.


It was amazing to see how he “fixed” my terrible swings to bring about a desired result by making various adjustments to the clubs we tested!!! Best hour I’ve ever spent hitting balls and am delighted I did it. After my experienceI have also recommended a few fellow golfers to Foregolf who have been up for fittings since and they were equally impressed.

SLDR face angle chart???

Amazing experience from the second I walked in. Beautiful facilities and excellent customer care throughout. With Derek and Dave I knew I was in the hands of experts. See questions and answers. Was very impressed with all the checks David carried out on slsr own clubs and confirmed yardages etc before we started hitting the new gear What is difference between sleeve position 5 and 9? And, any suggestions slddr tee height if I am using maximum loft 12d? Dave explained precisely what was happening in what is a very technical exercise.

SLDR Driver: If I adjust the loft sleeve setting, does it change anything else? | ForeGolf

I really enjoyed the experience. Superb Customer Service I have dealt with Foregolf for a slddr of years now and have never been disappointed. No way would I buy off the shelf now I have experienced the difference.

I got my fit from dave.

SLDR Driver: If I adjust the loft sleeve setting, does it change anything else?

I do see myself as a bit of a technical anorak in regards to clubs, shafts and the like and have to say that having observed the Foregolf process and the exceptionally professional and welcoming family atmosphere, I can suggest that an investment in a proper custom fit will enlighten you and ensure you settle on your equipment to allow you to slldr your mind and play the best golf of your life They don’t rush you during the custom fit so you will leave happy.


Went for a club fitting last week must say how pleased I was with the experience! Is that what your’e asking? If you are going to invest in your golf then go to Fore Golf and get a proper professional and totally impartial fitting.

Can’t wait to get it. All of the staff are amazing and I can’t wait to pick up my clubs in a couple of weeks. Thanks also to the very welcoming Christine and to Derek who popped out to say hi.

From my experience of having been fitted for a new driver taking all my stats and ball striking into account, I was fitted professionally with a club adjustung and shaft which suited my swing and greatly improved my accuracy and distance.

Overall the whole experience I have had with Foregolf from start to finish has been top class and it surpassed my expectations.