This is illustrated in Figure Most instrument drivers have menu palettes that include the following components. D – Example ProgramsExample 2. The following are two formal documents concerning the GPIB interface: The queue is a FIFO first-in, first-out buffer that stores errors as theyoccur. Introduction to Programming – 2Baud RateThe front panel Address key lets you select one of the following baud rates, which is stored in non-volatilememory: For example, you may program the dc source to generate an interrupt assert SRQ when an eventsuch as a current limit occurs.

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NEGativetriggering occurs on the falling edge.

After the instrument has been configured, the Read VI is used to read multiple points. This site uses cookies to offer you a better browsing experience.

The returned value is 15, if the switch is setto Normal and 60, if the switch is set to Fast. The Status VIs obtain the current status of the instrument or the status of pending operations. OUTPutThis command enables or disables the dc source output. PROTection command asexplained in chapter 4. COMPatibility CommandsDescriptionThis command xgilent the contents of the accumulated statusregister, which stores any bit condition entered in the statusregister since the accumulated status register was last read,regardless of whether the condition still exists.


Agilent Technologies / Keysight Technologies 6632B

RANGeThis command selects the dc current measurement range. The dc source responds to the following commands: Tell us about it. If calibration mode has not been enabled with CALibrate: It then generates a histogram of the pulsewaveform using bins between the maximum and minimum data points.

How to set NB in order to show 0. This query requests the dc source to identify any options that are installed. Introduction to Programming – 2Baud RateThe front panel Address key lets you select one of the following baud rates, which is stored in non-volatilememory: Simple examples show you how toprogram: Agilent NB file transfer error while copying file from Internal to External memory! Revised editions are identified by a newprinting date. Asshown in figurethe group consists of the same type of registers as the Status Operation group.

Agilent 6632B Labview programming

November 14, 9: Page 68 4 – Language DictionarySystem CommandsSystem commands consist of system, display, and common commands. For example, to set the output voltage to 25volts, use: The message unit may include a parameter after agilwnt header. Page 27 Programming the DC Source – 3Trigger occurs on rising edgeTrigger occurs on falling edgewhen signal crosses positivewhen signal crosses negativehysteresis band limithysteresis band limitTRIG: The output mode switch is used to connect ordisconnect the the output capacitor located inside the unit.


Page 25 Programming the DC Source – lanview Triggered MeasurementsYou can use the data acquisition trigger system to synchronize the timing of the voltage and current dataacquisition with a BUS or internal trigger source. It alsoreduces jitter when measuring successive pulse waveforms. Came up the idea of designing micro adjustable power supply.

How to Use an Instrument Driver in LabVIEW Tutorial – National Instruments

One is used for generating output changes, and theother is used for triggering measurements. Make sure that for each successful call to the Initialize VI, you use a matching Close VI to avoid maintaining unnecessary memory resources.

Page 73 Language Dictionary – 4Trigger CommandsTrigger commands consist of trigger and initiate commands.

Your manual llabview to upload I am using a NA Power Supply. Themeasurement capabilities of the Agilent A and Agilent A models are particulary useful forloads that draw current in pulses.