I checked it out and it definitely looks interesting — also as a drive pedal. In general, these slopes are pretty wide, and even though there are exceptions, most amps will cut and boost in a linearly. It’s the only ‘effect’ pedal I use. I’ve been using a Behringer BDI21 for yonks for my heavier projects. The Koala , May 25,

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Log in or sign up in seconds. I’m using the sansamp at the altsrnative and loving the tone alothough I would like to upgrade to the version with the extra button as I wanted this one for a boost but end up leaving the pedal on pretty much all the time because the tone is so tasty.

ESOct 26, I’m also going to kinda hiJack this thread. And on a fully parametric EQ, you also gain control over the Q, which is what you need sansmp you want to make very surgical adjustments. Do you already have an account? Maserati Gti or B72, maybe.

Use of and Alternatives to Sansamp for bass? | Ultimate Metal – Heavy Metal Forum and Community

I’ve been using a Behringer BDI21 for yonks for my heavier projects. I’m looking at alternatives at the moment, I’ve narrowed it down to: I love mine, way more than the Sansamp I used to have. Ive had a BDI21 for about 4 years. A friend of mine says this is not bad at all.


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Anyone else have a recomendation? Jul 15, Messages: Jun 21, Messages: If you choose Cold Fusion, the two channels are blended in parallel, but if you pick Hot Fusion, the channels are stacked, which means that you can use the clean channel to push the drive channel even harder.

Even though the drive circuit should not be taken into consideration in this context, the blend feature actually allows you to mix in just a touch of drive that is basically inaudible, but still contributing to the overall tone, vibe and feel.

Amp simulators? Alternatives to sansamp? | The Gear Page

Buy the hardware or use Multifxs like Amplitube Sep 12, Messages: As an add on, many preamp makers offer the option of a passive tone control that is similar to the tone control you find on any standard Fender Jazz or Precision bass — a passive treble roll-off knob.

And it is indeed a great-sounding preamp circuit. But there is a reason for that. Even though Amplitube is not the best guitar amp VST, it gives me great sounds, and that’s just what I’m asking for. Want to add to the discussion? Jun 29, Messages: After owning AC 30 British made TB and two AC15’s british and Chinese handwired I still think this one nails the tone especially if you are going direct – I hate to admit but I don’t miss an amp when using this pedal.


On a semi-parametric EQ, however, you get the opportunity to change the center frequency as well as how much you boost or cut.

I highly recommend the Tech 21 Liverpool myself. Cheaper, but asnsamp a seperately switchable distortion channel and a 3 band EQ which actually gives you control over your mids, unlike the Sansamp.


Personally I think its more flexible than both the Hartke and Behringer. Hi Alex, thanks for your input.

Yes, my password is: Behind each knob are a slternative of engineering thoughts, philosophies and decisions and that is what makes every preamp pedal around sound unique. I imagine a lot of people bought this DI and then realized the amp is probably better.