When enabled, faces that are in the camera’s view will be tracked with a green rectangle. Please note that the app doesn’t support ” HTTP redirections. The presets don’t work show answer hide answer I can save presets, but when I want to move to one, nothing seems to happen. Additionally, even when your camera is not equipped with an optical zoom lens, you can use pinch to zoom digitally to view the image in full resolution and even beyond. Please remove the app and reinstall it through the App Store you’re not being charged twice direct link to this faq entry. The app is used by tens of thousands of users and reviewed by many of them giving an average of 4. Swipe for more controls In portrait the controls are available on the bottom of the screen.

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Please understand that we cannot assist in setting up your camera s. Optical zoom Some cameras are equipped with an optical zoom lens.

Please note that the app doesn’t support ” HTTP redirections. Next time you buy an IP-camera, be sure it has an IR-cut filter. We do provide some tutorials for setting up your camera, please check out the apexiis tab.

If you are sure you found a bug please contact us through bugreport apexisapp. Presets Presets are pre-defined camera positions. Please DON’T sign up if: Swipe to view more up to !


Apexis IP Control Pro

I don’t hear the sound of the camera through my iDevice’s speaker. Rotate to view video full screen When rotating the device from portrait to landscape orientation the videostream will be displayed in full screen. On every iOS there is a slight possibility that the app get corrupted resulting in crashes or hangups.

For basic app usage you’ll need: If you are facing technical difficulties with the cameras, please don’t contact us but the manufacturer instead. But then night-vision will not work correctly anymore. Last update Changes in version 1.

apexis ip camera

If you still want to become a beta tester, please apply by sending a mail to beta apexisapp. Pinch to zoom The video image can be zoomed in and out by using the pinch gesture. The camera doesn’t move when I use the controls show answer hide answer A: This feature is available for all camera models. Please do so and we try to find and fix the apexie in the next update!

In the app patrolling can be fully configured to follow certain patterns and quickly be enabled or disabled. On your home network, open your favorite browser and type in the URL bar:. The network bandwidth is to narrow, this most usually happens when connected via a 3G network.


If an FFMPEG option is available we recommend you try that first as it will often be faster and include ca,era support. Don’t use ports belowI saw people having problems when using low ports spexis than 80 as configured port on the router for example when using port I think I found a bug, where can I report it? Don’t be ashamed, it happened to me too. Scan the QR-code of the camera, follow a few easy steps and your camera has been added. In portrait the controls are available on the bottom of the screen.

Vistors cannot move the camera.

Connect to Apexis IP cameras

Search for cameras in the network and configure them. Below is a list of apexiss camera models with the features that are supported in the app. Be sure the switch is in the ON position.

Please refer to our tutorials below for some help. As a company our focus is on easiness to use to provide the best user experience as possible.

See your camera’s web interface cxmera verify this.