Make sure the LAN driver was installed properly. Please leave this option as default setting. A USB card reader with 4 pin connector. At this moment, the USB 2. Press “F10” to save and exit. First, push the power button for three times.

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There will be no post image or get black screen. After reboot, please update the BIOS. Please refer to https: After install CentOS 5.

According the Intel document, for a system to support Intel Smart Response Technology it must have the following: Please install Intel Rapid Storage Driver Aerock these models support x resolution? You may install an additional internal USB device that with 4 pin connector on this motherboard.

After the installation has finished, you will see below message. Then it will enter the console mode after a while.

Z68 Extreme4 Z68 Pro3: Key in “drvcfg —s [Drv number] [Ctrl number]” to enter Raid Utility. When I install Windows 8. Follow Intel driver installer to install the graphics k7sx. First, copy the patched kernel vmlinuz If you are using the VGA card and onboard display adapter shows an exclamation mark as the picture below, please follow the steps to remove exclamation mark.


I could not get any display after booting up my system; I could see CPU fan and power fan are spinning but no display, what should I do? What is the 1MB shared memory used for?

Then you can freely enjoy the benefit of Dual Graphics feature. If not, please do the following steps. Please try the latest BIOS from https: Download Intel Smart Connect driver from our website: Click the “Folder” icon at the top-right corner.

Asrock k7s8x r3.0 User Manual

It is also convenient for users who do not have floppy drive. Please update to the latest BIOS.

How do I solve this problem? Please unzip and open the folder to execute “setup”. First, push the power button for three times.

ASRock K7S8X R3.0 SiS USB 2.0 driver

Download the driver from the following link: What should I do now? Start to format and copy files [YN]?

Please leave this option as default setting. Please make sure that you have installed the latest BIOS and two MHz or higher frequency memory modules in dual channel. I wanted to use NT4.


ASRock K7S8X BIOS Page

Boot up the system and then enter into BIOS setup. Please refer the following picture to setup the USB2.

How can I do?