It’s an excellent game for anybody who appreciates enemies who react properly when you blow their knee apart. There’s also E-Color’s 3Deep gamma correction software, which gives you more flexibility than usual in tweaking the brightness curves of your 3D games. You can break down the software bundle for every video card into “drivers” and “other stuff”, and for many basic cards neither part matters much. But install them with a V Deluxe and the 3D glasses stop working. The auto-notification system serves as your private security or reception system.

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Like pretty much every other current video card, you can run the V Deluxe faster than stock speed.

ASUS V7700 Pro (NVidia GeForce 2 GTS)

There are various compression “codecs” available for free download which you can fool around with in the ASUS software, but even with a cutting edge CPU you’ll have a hard time matching the quality of uncompressed video – which is very bulky. Though at that time it was just one of the theoretically possible ways, and today many just play at this resolution with GeForce2 Ultra based card. Each manufacturer has its own strategy to make their card distinguishable from the competition; Peo has added RAM-heatsinks, Creative Labs has reduced their prices, and ASUS has decided to tackle this issue with features, and lots of them.

Each eye thus gets to see a view of the game world rendered from a slightly different angle, just as if your eyes really had different lines of sight into the scene. And b7700 means that 64 MBytes memory size can suit already to some games. Plus, with the brute grunt of the GeForce2 behind it, it’s possible to use the visually superior “page flip” mode, and retain a good frame rate. And some have, well, everything.

Contrary to popular belief ASUS is not a novice in the graphic card market, but they are veterans. And since there’s no point using higher resolutions than by when you’re outputting to the fuzzy screen of a TV most TV encoders don’t even work with higher resolutionsand the frame rate can’t possibly be higher than 60 frames per second for NTSC or 50 frames per second for PALthe GeForce2’s very expensive ability to fill gigantic numbers of pixels per second is completely wasted on such a task.


Balanced design increases overall system performance. Getting 3D vision working properly in all of your games will be a bit fiddly at best and may be impossible at worst, as dual-viewpoint graphics drivers still aren’t renowned for their compatibility. And a TWAIN driver that lets you import single frames into a graphics application, for easy use of a motion video device as an impromptu still camera.

The lower the resolution, the smaller the Ultra’s advantage. Undoubtedly, the main deterrent was the price, and the manufacturers were afraid that those cards would hardly sell. So you’re not paying much for all of the extra bits in the Deluxe package. In result, the cards with 64 MBytes local memory started their way quite gingerly.

V Ti | ASUS Global

Like other ASUS “Deluxe” cards, the V comes with their big, chunky LCD shutter-glasses, which let you play your games in 3D by very rapidly blacking out each side in turn, in synchrony with rapidly switching images on the monitor. The board is a traditionally rich yellow. Noteworthy is the fact that sometimes in specifications you can see not a working frequency, but a resulting one.

Well, the “surprisingly reasonable” price is still well out of reach of most shoppers. What are their strengths? No one will dare doubt that ASUSTeK offer high quality products, a rich complete set, unigue engeneering developments allowing a user to adjust modern 3D accelerators as what they want. You can fit an hour of by video into 3Gb or so if you compress it while it’s captured – and you won’t need a super-new processor to do that. Note that at these frequencies in overclocking mode the card from ASUSTeK worked with minimum additional cooling in the system block we mounted only one additional fan.


If you’ve got a big and fast enough hard drive, though, you can always go uncompressed, and throw away more than ten megabytes of disk space per second of video.

Though, to what extent the card could be overclocked depends on the definite card. Video 3Digests Video cards: The auto-notification system serves as your private security or reception system.

It’s the real deal. You plug a camera into your PC, you tell Video Security what areas of the image to monitor for movement, and if it sees any, it can save a video clip, run whatever program you configure, send e-mail, or dial a number via your modem and play a warning sound of your choice.

And as for high resolutions no games can work at the acceptable reliability level. And it’s still not a professional package – don’t be surprised if a frame or three gets dropped every time Windows decides to have a peek at its swap file.

But there’s not even a sniff of the actual numbers, and no information on the test system, beyond a strangled “16x12x32” legend that, I presume, means the tests were run in by in 32 bit colour.

The V Deluxe does better than that. But, as it turns out, the new drivers actually are quite a bit faster than the last officially-released ones – on which ASUS’ current drivers are based – and less troublesome than the various unofficially leaked intermediate versions that came out in between.