In spite of its name it seems primarily oriented to business. Geared to training for accounting professionals. Educadium EasyCampus Educadium http: Languages Excludes all products not reviewed in your chosen language or languages. Also offer generic courseware. This could have a significant effect on the learning management sector. Compliance management and courses also offered.

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An installed or hosted solution. Consequently they sometimes call themselves LCMS. Based in India, Tata is a huge company that makes many products from automobiles to a wide range of software solutions. Group Learner Group Learner Ltd. Also offer custom elearning design. Not exactly an LMS, PBworks provides resources, workspaces and administration to support online team-based collaboration. Formerly offered by Competentum, ShareKnowledge is now a cinst company after acquiring the rights for the product from Competentum.

The ability to charge users for the courses internally and externally is a feature which is being included in more and more systems. Smarthook for K, higher education and corporations.


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Oriented to safety and compliance training in the construction industry. A simple cloud-based training platform with real time reporting. Also available as a separate enterprise LMS. Based in Belgium, Dokeos is an open source based on Drupal e-learning and course management web application translated in 34 languages.

It has now expanded to have broad LMS capability smartboook authoring tools, application sharing, content management, etc.

At one time it was open source but is no longer offered as such. Based in Nanaimo, BC.

What is Testseek?

This can make it difficult to find out if an organization is using a commercial LMS or one they built for themselves. Also have versions for obstetrics and emergency medicine. Infor Learning Management Infor http: Maestro Mobile Agility Maestro http: Epignosis eFrontPro Epignosis Ltd.

Acquired by 3D Smarttbook in Sept.

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A Drupal based, open source LMS for both schools and corporate use. They sell third party authoring tools and do custom development.

Select Rep Moustafa Abd elmaksoud mostafa ahmed farij ahmed tarek mamdouh ahmed haggag mohamed yazed Alaa Ezzat Ahmed. Peripherals Ensure that the laptop has a sufficient number of USB 2.


Includes the aggregation of learning content, a course creation tool, a machine learning curation engine and an AI based targeting engine. Based in Italy, the website is only partially in English. Not a traditional LMS but a link to offering courses from anywhere. Part of a suite of HR and Talent Management software products.

They purchased Softscape in Sept. Combines four components — Manager, Generator, Presenter and Learner.

A free learning management system for WordPress. Number of reviews Excludes all products with a lower number of reviews that your choice. Based in Greece and the UK.

Inthey announced a significant cloud-based redevelopment they are calling Learn Ultra or the Ultra Experience.