Hey Nate, any 5v supply should do. Thank you so much for everything. Colorduino running the Plasma demo. I live in Brixton, London. Hi Nick… I have another question… i already used your codes..

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Colorduino V RGB LED Matrix Driver – Sklep Kamami

Please send me the code…please everyone… Just contact me here: As a prototype the board is a little rough round the edges which is to be expected. Sounds like a whole new project. I can send you instructions and colodruino if you want. No reason why a Uno would not work.

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Full Color RGB LED Matrix Driver Shield + RGB Matrix Screen

GetPixel x,y ; wich do the trick: Maybe try and program the colorduino back with the demo software from iTead and see if that works.

Best Regards, Christine A.

I have to record the code in each of the Colorduino with this address below the two? Borads are colorduino v1. Then you can upload your sketch to the Colorduino using the Arduino software as normal. Colorduino left and Rainbowduino.


Right now, I can say that it helps me a lot to study a colotduino and innovate some interesting stuff. Maybe start doing some research or ask on the arduino forum. Thanks for the response, Nick; I appreciate it.

Colorduino | Nick’s LED Projects

Hi, you would need to write a lot matgix code ; not something I have on my site, but I think colorduino comes with a few examples — maybe check on their website. You could also be clever and use something like Processing to stream live data from a laptop. Quite in depth stuff.

To get it to light up and run the demo code you just need a 5 volt supply, like a wall-wart power adapter.

Colorduino V2.0 RGB LED Matrix Driver

Simple circuit theory says that you can combine two current sources in parallel; in your opinion, am I right, or am I overlooking something subtle or obvious with this hardware? Can use Uno 3 or Leonardo Thanks, mo. Technical support For technical support, please open a ticket on Itead Support System.

This runs through a variety of patterns as seen in this video. Btw, my name is christine. So, first i move to arduino ide 1.


Then the Arduino sends to data to each of the Colorduinos in sequence. Hey Owen, sorry for the delay.

Great, thanks for your prompt and helpful reply Nick — much appreciated. To program the new code to the Colorduino you can use the Uno with the chip taken out.

Hey, not too sure to be honest, you would be better off asking this in something like the arduino forum or the itead forum if they have marrix Nick. The demo code only takes up 4K and could easily be slimmed down. Then I added sound detection so it will respond to music.

My reply a minute ago assumed you wanted to drive it from the PC continually — e. This is a highly customizable product. Love to see a few projects when they are done! In that case you could probably dispense with having an arduino in between the PC and Colorduino.