I hate everyone, so you don’t have to. Start up any other application. And a heap of inputs and outputs allow connecting the Extigy to almost all existent sound devices. Hardware decoding of the DolbyDigital turns on a respective lamp on the front panel of the Extigy. Games The card was tested in the Serious Sam:

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Creative Sound Blaster Extigy:

Ive looked every where for it and I can’t find it and the links in the post seem to be down. Despite the optimistic diagnostics and 10ms latency it’s impossible to work with audio on the Athlon processor at such latency because of lack of power. The nonlinear ones are now 0. However, artifacts can be decreased considerably if sounnd set Low Quality of sound in the game and choose 22kHz of data transfer in the Extigy settings.

At the High Quality of sound and in lbaster 44kHz mode of the USB bus images in the game are drawn smoothly and the sound brings no artifacts. If there creaive ID3 tags, it’s possible to group music according to performers and genres. For most of users a hardware decoder in the Extigy is not more than just an interesting fact as any decent program DVD player can decode into 6 channels both DolbyDigital 5.


The LF filter cutoff frequency for the subwoofer can’t be adjusted in the Extigy, contrary to the Live! Volume can be adjusted discretely with an electronic control which turns by an unlimited angle of rotation.

Creative Sound Blaster Extigy

The main conclusion is that the Extigy is not the best choice for a musician. When it’s connected, the Extigy replaces your sound card. The remote control makes navigation simple and easy.

Let’s compare the card with the Audigy. The utility works with any cards of the Live! Sound Blaster Extigy Tour is a dynamic presentation which explains all advantages of the Extigy. Very good in detail Tested chain: Improved 3D audio processing.

The Extigy is perfect for recording from an external source, but due to the latency caused by the USB cord, it’s only just passable for amateur musicians wanting to record multiple tracks of audio. Speaking of which, if your stereo isn’t right next to your computer, you can daisy-chain up to five USB ports together with foot USB cords, putting the Extigy up to 75 feet away from your PC.

The front panel contains the most frequently used connectors, such as a linear-in and a mic-in. The utility runs automatically. Unlike the Audigy which has a lot of different variations, the Extigy has only one modification.


Creative Sound Blaster EXTIGY CD – Winamp & Shoutcast Forums

General Discussions You wanna talk about something, but don’t know where to turn? A DSP installed on the card is meant for hardware processing and mixing of sound streams. You can also structure records into playlists and then transfer files to a Creative NOMAD player connected to a computer. Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme 8.

Creative also soubd that Extigy needs a separate USB controller for normal operation. Very good in detail Very good results! The utility is the most interesting souund Creative’s portable players. You have connected Sound Blaster Extigy to your computer. Red Deer, Alberta, Canada Posts: It turns even the most tin-eared music fan into a pro DJ.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme review: The ASIO is not supported, though there are such drivers from other developers and, according to Creative, they will soon get the Extigy support. I hate everyone, so you don’t have to. The sound was excellent in the speakers in both cases.