This databoard focuses on the conversion of visits to leads, and which sources you should focus on to improve that rate. The Google Analytics Audience Overview dashboard gives you a top-level overview of your website users for insights on visitor location, engagement and common devices. Not finding what you are looking for? Type your serial number into the “First Aid” text box and see if that takes you to a download page with drivers. Read more about the Databox mobile app.

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Wistia Performance Overview Get a detailed overview on the performance of your projects and indivusual videos. After your metrics are in, you can create your own unique dashboards and visualize your metrics the way you want.

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Mixpanel dashboard template provides you with insights about events, engagement and funnels which will help you to find out where to focus your resources when building your product.

Adobe Analytics Adobe Analytics dashboard template uses visits, conversion rates and customer loyalty to help you understand your customers as catabox — what they want, need, and believe. Type your serial number into the “First Aid” text box and see if that takes you to a download page with drivers.

Share and annotate Inspire action by marking up data and sending to your team. Data delivered to you. You can name it anything you’d like.

The Twitter dashboard template shows 205 your followers engage with your Tweets. Seventh Sense – High Level Email Event Overview This dashboard provides you with a high level overview of email opens and clicks, and when this is most likely to happen.


It is a Bestec Drift Drift dashboard template which gives you insights about new and closed conversations, reply times by team members and more.

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Measure the key outcomes that your website was designed to create, as well as the leading indicators that help pinpoint where your greatest opportunities lie. Salesforce Leads Dashboard This template gives you a complete overview of your leads in Salesforce so you can accurately track your sales progress. The Google Play dashboard template will give you an overview of your app’s ratings, installs and uninstalls, and clustered data about your app’s reviews.

Let’s get started on our second zap. This template gives you a overview of your leads in Salesforce so you can accurately track your sales progress. Became a [stage] metrics This template provides information to marketing and sales teams about their conversion rates, as well as giving a clear view of the full funnel and a detailed analysis of how the day-to-day is behaving based on when contacts entered different stages.

Keep track of Deal sources as you move through the closing stages. You’ll help your rep stay on top of their own productivity and accountability with this behavior-changing dashboard. This dashboard paints a clear picture of basic Google Analytics metrics, so you can easily track your successes for shortcomings.

This dashboard gives you an overview of your monthly forecast from Cooper so you anticipate your new revenue. Keyword Overview This dashboard shows the keywords that will drive the most traffic for your brand.


It will help you dahabox your team focus on what matters – engaging more followers. Keyword to Pageview Dashboard This dashboard tracks how keywords are ultimately translating to pageviews.

This dashboard shows the responsiveness of your sales team to incoming calls. HubSpot Blog Performance Trends This dashboard gives an overview of blog health, including views, clicks and average time on page. This dashboard is all about keywords. This dashboard, authored by ConnectEngine, is a guide to getting started with Facebook Video and understanding when people watch, and when they stop watching as well.

It also includes the expected value of the opportunities likely to close before quarter’s end. From our example, we would have 7 metrics showing up in Databox:.

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dataox It provides instant business insights through an intuitive experience tailored for smartphones, tablets and wearables. Instagram Business post performance This template looks at the actions and performance of your posts. Instagram dashboard template provides you with insights ddatabox your overall account health and performance and will help you to know more about your Instagram followers.

YouTube Overview The Youtube Overview Dashboard shows engagement on your Youtube channel with metrics like minutes, views and referral sources.