The LED buttons are a bright blue and also eye-catching in their appearance. Send your laptop to the Dell Experts! I know some cable companies do offer telephone service. The cross-hatched gray top is more demure than some designs we’ve seen from Dell, though the lit lid accents still scream gaming rig, which isn’t ideal for all users. Dell Latitude, Vostro, and Precision. The sloping look and stunning lid, available in three different colors, are immediately attention grabbing. Sleek design coupled with a portable form factor and powerful components come together to make for a compelling notebook.

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Sorry for being a noob, but does this mean the only way I can get online is through a wireless router or wifi? PC Authority For such a small laptop, the M also packs in a surprisingly good screen.

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The two-year-old XPS design was in dire need of a refresh. Large display-sizes allow higher resolutions. However, the XPS M looks like it only has a connection for the big one Not sure which part del, your Dell? Viewing 1 through 2.

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Speakers in the front bezel sport red backlights, and the lid’s Dell logo and the mousepad’s XPS logo are lit as well. Hardware Modrm Dell may be one of the top PC brands in the market today, but ask anyone about Dell notebooks and some of the most common replies you’ll get will probably be “dull”, “bland”, “blocky” and “uninspiring”.

This all makes the arrival of the XPS M all the more surprising. In fact, the company’s stodgy, boxy products have been blamed for a loss of market share to the bolder design strokes of competitors such as HP and Gateway.


We’ve changed, we promise. While a worthwhile vendor of mass-market mainstream laptops and desktops, Dell has never been delk as an innovator in consumer product design.

Considering how the competition has already embraced thinner form factors, the latest LCD technologies, and Intel’s latest Centrino Duo offering, Dell took its time in upgrading. Visit manufacturer site for details.

This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Dell manages to squeeze a good number of extras onto the keyboard tray, including touch-sensitive controls for volume and media playback, an eject button for the slot-loading DVD drive, and a quick-launch moodem for Dell’s proprietary Media Direct software.

Laptop Mag What more could you ask for from a thin and light notebook? The biggest drawback we found with the M’s design was the tiny, xos. Best Laptops for Please, switch off ad blockers.

Dell XPS M review: The system is slightly wedge shaped, going from 0. A non-LED backlit display is also an option, but as it adds weight and thickness; we’d avoid it. Perhaps this has been a rude awakening for Dell, which has been languishing off their OEM-like approach to the xell market for too long, but they’ve finally taken themselves to task with an overhaul of their Inspiron series into a younger, hipper and more attractive range.

Enter Your Dell Modrm Tag. One of the nicest features is its edge-to-edge keyboard; though the keys don’t depress far, their large size makes typing comfortable. I know some cable companies do offer telephone service. This notebook is great for those that want to be portable and have power on the go, plus be fashionable at the same time.


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Even the XPS range of gaming notebooks, while having a nod to the stylish with the coloured lights and gaming touches, are still rather boxy and plain. CNet While a worthwhile vendor of mass-market mainstream laptops and desktops, Dell has never been known as an innovator in consumer product design. Solid-state hard drives and Blu-ray optical drives are promised in the near future, but exact dates for those features making their way to the M’s configurator aren’t known.

We got a very playable The LED-backlit display, also seen in the mm1330 inch Cps Pro, helps to make the system’s lid thinner less than a quarter-inch thick while also extending battery xp, although users should not expect the display to look any different than a traditional LCD laptop screen. We are a trusted supplier to s of schools, government agencies, military and repair shops worldwide.

Rounding out the laptop’s external features are a Webcam on top of the display and a small, credit-card-size remote control that pops into PC card slot on the side.