This ensured the test would not be affected by incompatibility issues. Not competitively priced, an almost-working MOH app, and spotty tech-support. And I do find it useful. Three times I have been promised call-backs from supervisors after the technician could not answer questions regarding V. I’ve asked for an escalation on that point since they’re advertising V. Summary – You’re welcome to read everything there is but this recap might be what others are looking for. Best Data , www.

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You apparently cannot put your modem on-hold to place an out going call. There do not appear to be any instructions but those in the download area and they’re pretty thin. It seems like those drivers conflict with halflife or windows I don’t know. I don’t think I can do much about this but just post it here just wondering if someone can help me or have a similar problem.

It seems a solid performer and is fully capable of V. Di – This PCI modem diajond the first one to actually have all the bells and whistles work. This ensured the test would not be affected by incompatibility issues. I’ve tried the W2k driver and it does seem to work but without a MOH app why bother.

The basic idea was to allow the user to not miss any calls that would otherwise be missed. I then went to the device manager and did a refresh.


It took several days to get a response. The diampnd update available from PhoebeMicro has both. I’ve also found and reported that the modem does not seem to want to do quick connect with our servers. I’ve notified BestData about this. If I’ve given certain modems negative ratings it’s usually because some feature of V.

It’s supposed to be replaced by the N.

A working MOH app, competitively priced, and good tech support. Not competitively priced, an almost-working MOH app, and spotty tech-support.

SupraMax 56i Voice PCI V.92 Free Driver Download

Simply install the drivers followed by installing the modem in an available PCI slot. Widespread Centurylink Outage this morning Anyone with a in similar circumstances can find their files at: SUPRA is defunct, dicontinued, with no support siamond.

It’s responsible for programming the modem’s features such as modem-on-hold and PCM upstream the latter which we cannot support. Video doorbell without WiFi? Recent tech support concerns caused me to re-rate this one as ‘worth consideration’. The lack of an MOH app and no tech support leads me suptamax rate suprramax modem not worth consideration. The opinions offered here are strictly my own and do not reflect the positions and opinions of the University of Washington or any of it’s departments.


I’ll check back periodically but won’t waste any siamond time emailing them. Despite my always having had good luck, performance and support from Supra in the past I can only say that the SonicBlue: I do not know the reason that tech support is no longer responding but because of it I can no longer recommended BestData’s products.

When the install wizard prompted I directed it to the new driver folder, Win98 in my case. Me by filing a complaint with the FTC and he with the BBB about false advertising and fraud over the lack of a modem on-hold application. When I looked through all the files I could see why other companies were having difficulty, but Creative djamond it right. What’s most disturbing is the response I got from Creative Labs.

Diamond Supra V 56K Modems

What they need to understand is it’s this kind of sleaze that causes companies to lose the goodwill of consumers. Richard Gamberg of Modemsite. While it was all they had that was V.