There are other ways to do it, you could place a bobbin on top of the pickup and wind your coil there. Kind of a byproduct of the sustainer. Thanks again to everyone that contributed to this work! Ok so if I understand sorry I’m french I start from the neck pickup , go to the jack , pass trought the lm circuit and go to an other pickup? I built this and found that it worked great with hot pickups but did not have enough gain for lower-output pickups. Probably not with a 3 way megaswitch, but it could work with a 3 way superswitch that has 4 distinct poles. Jeff Wasn’t this thread about sustainers?

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Posted 08 April – Designing the coil is going to be black magic that I haven’t got the right tools to tackle on anything but the most basic level. But the coil in photo where do you put this?

I’m happy to answer any questions via the blog, so that others may learn as well. Mail will not be published required.

Homemade Sustainer – Electronics Chat –

All times are GMT. PSW – Nice guitar – and nice Sustainer. I’m getting a powerful response on all strings and it wasn’t that difficult to make Their other claim for improving battery life is to redesign the driver amp to use “a xustainer power amplifier that was four 4!


Also, this is the home of DIY Layout Susrainer, a free piece of software for drawing circuit layouts and schematics, written with DIY enthusiasts in mind.

Just a correction, you actually meant “no neck pickup” when you said “no bridge pickup”, right? Make sure you have basic knowledge in soldering, electronics, guitar wiring and pickup building. There must be, and I’m surprised that after all that time the defacto ‘standard’ by PSW was always 0.

DIY sustainer

Building your own suwtainer is not simple and requires a lot of research and experimenting. Super glue can also be used for quicker setting time. Not a fretless guitarist myself Jeff Wasn’t this thread about sustainers? Posted June 29, By Ken in forum Guitar: As notes swell they increase in output overdriving the amp in a cool kind of way.

Guitars are like pringles Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. This way you can flip from regular to harmonic mode with no sustainee.

DIY sustainer – Materials, electronics and plug ins – Unfretted Forum

The driver generates electromagnetic EM field that moves the strings instead of moving the conventional speaker diaphragm. So in addition to the 2 J-bass pickups already installed I would install the driver closer to the neck. Then I glued it in place using epoxy glue.


I couldn’t understand much, but it seems that the solution was to make 2 coils that move 3 strings each, instead of sustainwr an amp he bought a kemo amplifier: Hey thats cool – i was kinda hoping that a sustainer didnt only sustain as i wouldnt want to put one on my guitar then. Do you have any suggestions? Suustainer rounded the edges of this so the corners wouldn’t hurt the wrapping wire. I used transparent universal glue to pot the pickup after each 20 or so turns to make sure the coil is kept in place and to prevent microphonics.

Otherwise, do a layer or two more and repeat until you get to the target resistance.

Posted December 29, The glue squeezes up through the windings as you proceed and this hopefully pots the driver and avoids dky. I suggest building as small board as possible, increasing the chance of fitting it inside the guitar without the need for routing.

On my setup chords actually work really nicely too. Your mileage may vary no two builds have been the same.