Subscribe Edit Comment Print. If true then use the createDriver method to connect to the database. In Listing 6, you can find a list of configuration bundles: The minimum number of connections that should be kept in the pool. The maximum time in milliseconds that a connection may remain open before being closed.

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The target filter to use when searching for a DataSourceFactory.

Eclipse Community Forums: EclipseLink ยป [Solved] Eclipselink + Karaf + Oracle JDBC

A simple solution is the SpringSource -packaged bundle: Currently, these packages are not available from the runtime, and are required for JPA functionality to work inside OSGi. You can see a list of configuration bundles in Listing Just install the jsbc features: It is therefore possible to directly create JPA resources using factory configurations.

The list of properties may be overridden using the aries. Power up your skills with these four intense workshops.

Tutorial: Using JPA in an OSGi Environment

Summing up everything above, I would like to emphasize that the presented tutorial is only a starting point to use JPA in your OSGi environment. Every JPA provider needs minor fine-tuning of the model bundle. It failed with some class loading exception. In App Platform, this project is the jdc that will contain your Entity classes and persistence.


If you are interested in the source code used in this tutorial, please, refer to GitHub. This includes implementations and extensions of application-focused specifications defined by the OSGi Alliance Enterprise Expert Group.

The maximum number of connections that should be kept in the pool osgi.

[Solved] Eclipselink + Karaf + Oracle JDBC: Help required

Defaults to3 minutes. Changes for open source, data privacy, and the cloud. And following jars are used: Therefore make sure you have Regions installed.

Sample code to do it like this:. These properties may therefore be used in filters to select a particular provider.

However, if you want to access a network-enabled Derby DB, then the ClientDriver class is required, which is not available through this jar.

Sign up using Email and Password. Introduction The purpose of this note is to describe and document the steps needed to get JPA functionality in the runtime and how to use JPA in an App Platform project.


Currently as of 9. For example the following persistence unit: If using the OSGi activator approach, you need to create a class that will implement org. It contains the list of model classes and some tutorial-specific settings: The JPA facet adds some nice features to the project such as generating a persistence.

Using EclipseLink JPA in OSGI (Karaf) – Stack Overflow

Since this feature brings in javax. By default all properties are copied.

Add Gemini JPA to eclipseilnk runtime. The two packages are part of the derbyclient. Persistence Unit and Persistence Provider. Maven profiles were added to meet these requirements: