I would like to help further with this but we ditched our Novell network last summer and moved to pure AD so I don’t even have anything to test against anymore to refresh my memory. Provide the Search Attribute to be used to search for the user’s account in the directory, e. The software supports partitioning at any point in the tree, as well as replication of any partition to any number of servers. To select the default data source, complete the following steps: Has anyone got any ideas? Any idea as to why?

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You can’t edit your own posts. You can’t edit other events. Check Include Nested Groups if the subgroups from the listed User Groups are to be allowed or denied access as well.

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You can post emoticons. There are still limitations to querying AD, which is setup on the AD side, that prevent querying real-time so we still download every night. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I’ve configured the driver optimally I think to search only the section of the tree I require but I continually get this odbcnds. Provide the Groups Field that contains users’ groups, e.


During the eDirectory migration when it downed the source server and tried to finish up with the destination server it did not complete. The new build comes with a completely rewritten kernel driver, We created a DSN on the workstation for the server we want to pull data from. Does anybody know how I can get the driver to return the whole table? What kind of class could I use to get this information? Does the old version still work OK?

Since it isn’t searchable that we foundour best solution edirecotry to do it in the SSIS package as described above. Start your SQL application. That’s what all is movin DirectoryServices as a valid reference so I guess that you are right asuming that something is not properly installed.

Linking eDirectory to other Database(s)

It “finishes” green but we don’t get any data in the table. To get into his villainous character Kylo Ren in “Star Wars: It is a good solution.


You can’t delete other posts. I don’t know what kind of load the AD query places on your domain controller though, whether that would slow down authentication requests and other domain management.

Develop to eDirectory

NetWare integrated all edirsctory functions into eDirectory. You will be prompted to verify the deletion before the DSN is removed from the list. Click Generate Search Filterand the searchFilter will auto-populate.

Exactly what type of Novel drivers do I need to install? Thanks Jo jpass ucc.

Novell Doc: ODBC Driver for eDirectory Read-Write Access – Selecting the eDirectory Data Source

Has anyone got any ideas? You can’t delete your own events. Unthreaded, ascending Unthreaded, descending. Imports System Imports System. This page was last edited on 22 Novemberat The DSN remains in the list, but will now have a new configuration of entry class definitions.